LACD x Olivia Culpo


Olivia's LA loft gets a high-fashion closet facelift, giving new meaning to Hollywood glam! With pull-out shelves for shoes, and floating open shelving throughout for displaying bags and accessories, the closet allows Olivia to showcase her favorite pieces and merchandise the space for any given occasion. 

Since the loft is so open, it is important that the closet can remain tidy at all times. To achieve this, all of the hanging is kept behind full-height mirror doors, which not only glam up the design, but also bring additional light into the previously dark corner of the home.  


Previously, Olivia's loft was severely lacking in storage space, which didn't work for her busy lifestyle. Having a space for everything, and an organized system in place will make packing and putting together looks so much easier for her. The closet incorporates white marble countertops for folding and laying out items.


Possibly my favorite detail in the new dressing room, the crystal knobs add a sparkly touch of old Hollywood sophistication to the otherwise simple and modern design! 



See the full transformation, and get a look at the 'before' on YouTube!

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In keeping with the spooky Halloween season, I'm taking you inside a dressing room that will definitely be haunting your dreams! Designed for a client with an inclination to the dark side, this closet is the ultimate man cave.

The space showcases the client's fully tailored wardrobe and stylish sneaker collection for a boutique in-home experience. With LED rods and backlighting panels, every detail screams 'STYLE'!

A built-in charging drawer ensures all his electronics are tucked away and kept at full capacity. This maximizes convenience and protection, by keeping all the devices out of sight.

Longines watches are beautifully displayed on custom pull-out winders, with a biometric-locking Brown safe vault tucked below.

For more on Mr. Dark's man cave, see the full YouTube tour below!

Designer Lisa Adams tours the ultimate man cave, featuring all the techy extras! Complete with a backlit sneaker wall, custom safe, hidden compartments, and a charging station, this closet brings the boutique shopping experience home.



in this spectacular custom dressing space, finished with the finest luxury details. The closet feels classic yet fresh, modern yet feminine, and employs all the latest in-home technology. 



The client's prized purse collection required very special attention. I incorporated a suede-lined glass display to protect and showcase this stunning diamond accented Hermes Himalayan Birkin - dubbed the most desirable bag in existence.

A standout feature of the room, the client's fine jewelry collection is housed in a custom marble-fronted jewelry cabinet. Complete with built-in Orbita watch-winders, a sliding glass case, and biometric lock, it's the perfect piece for showcase and safe-keeping.


No proper primp space is complete without a fabulous vanity. We created this custom built-in vanity to house all of my client's cosmetic accoutrements. The vanity features a marble waterfall countertop, inset cups for brushes and tools, and custom washable drawer inserts for makeup.


The dressing room is finished in a light grey wood throughout, complete with custom brushed metal tab pulls and white carrara marble countertops and door fronts.

Because of the unique shape of the space, we introduced a custom oval island, allowing for additional storage of the client's accessories, while still allowing for generous amounts of space to move around the room. 




With the help of custom Formé shoe inserts and hanging boot trees, my client's shoe collection is kept in perfect form! The custom shelves wrap the corner with floating ledges for flats, maximizing the space and making a modern statement in the room. 


For a full tour of the space, check out the latest on YouTube! Lisa Adams gives a guided walkthrough, and shows off all the boutique bells and whistles in this space!

Designer Lisa Adams gives an exclusive tour of the ultra-chic space she designed for one of LA's leading ladies! Packed with custom appointments, this closet is the ultimate space for pampering, and showcases the client's one-of-a-kind designer collection.


“I always dreamed for a more organized, a more beautiful space that reflected the rest of my house. You don’t realize how much time you spend in your closet, and I wanted to be in a beautiful and efficient space.” — Monique Lhuillier


It's not every day you're asked to design Monique Lhuillier’s closet. We’ve worked on plenty of public figures’ homes, but this was an especially exciting opportunity to work with one of my all-time favorite designers!


Monique has an enviable sense of style, so I knew her ideas and aesthetic for the dressing room would be chic, feminine and timeless, just like her designs. In addition to giving her closet some glam, a big part of the project was ensuring the resulting space allowed for ample storage (she is a fashion designer, after all!). We were able to transform her 260 square-foot closet into a clean, clutter-free and ladylike space fit for a design queen.  

Monique’s French manor-style Bel-Air home is primarily gray tones and textures with light contrasting colors and luxury accents, so we wanted to carry that refined design theme through to the closet. We incorporated soft gray plush carpet and wood-paneled walls in a bespoke shade of gray, resulting in a warm, luxurious and inviting dressing space.

To optimize efficiency and organization, we installed drawers, shelves and various hanging areas along the walls. We equipped hanging rods with LED lights, lined drawers with gray ultra-suede so even small items have their own compartment, and created hooks for boots and purses.

For the fashionable finishing touches, we installed a custom Waterford chandelier dripping in smoky ombré crystals, built a three-way mirror, and commissioned Los Angeles artist Azadeh Shladovsky to customize two ottoman poof chairs, making the space feel a bit like Monique’s very own personal boutique.


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Whitney Port


The Hills alum gets a playful, colorful closet to match her vibrant wardrobe and creative personality.  


When Whitney Port -- MTV alum and designer behind Whitney Eve -- shared her closet revamp vision, I knew it would be a fun project for LACD.  Her goal was to have a playful, colorful and bright space that occupied an open-concept room in her Venice, CA home.  We delivered, creating a charming space for her, mixing and matching various materials and furniture pieces, that embodies her personality, lifestyle, and style.



Whitney’s starting place for her closet was unique: she was inspired by the iconic Martinique banana leaf wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel and wanted something similar to cover her closet’s walls. We ended up with a similar, but more original wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper. It ultimately added the perfect pop of playfulness to Whitney’s closet.



With 10-foot-high ceilings and not a ton of width, we focused on maximizing every inch of height and ensuring all her items would be visible at first glance. We used a mix of hang rods, shelving and drawers to accommodate her dynamic wardrobe -- from gowns and jackets to shorts and blouses to socks and undergarments.

Tip: Hanging your bottoms in order of length keeps things looking sharp.


Whitney has a lot of shoes and needed a way to see all of them at once so she could grab a pair and hit the ground running. We counted and measured her more than 125 pairs of shoes so we could maximize the custom cabinet that would be the window to her soles. We then created multiple shelves -- one for flats, ankle boots and heels, and arranged each category in order of height and then by color to feature her footwear in the most logical way pos.  

Tip: While Whitney’s shoe shelf was custom, you can get a similar look with the Parsons Tower from West Elm.


In addition to abundant footwear, Whitney also has handbags...lots of handbags! We used the top shelves of her closet to line up her handbags, using vertical dividers to keep them upright. Dividers not only help bags maintain their shape and longevity, but also allow them to be displayed in the most organized way while still showing them off.  

Tip: If you can see your handbag at first glance, you’re more likely to mix up the ones you use rather than continually opting for the same one or few. For purse dividers like the ones used in Whitney’s closet, visit LA Closet Design or The October Company.



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“My goal was really to create a space of beauty, serenity, and most important, functionality.”

- Jaime King  

One of today’s foremost fashion icons -- not to mention a recognizable model and actress who holds her own in Hollywood -- Jaime King is proving to be a Tinseltown titan. And this modern-day woman with a mid-century modern home needed a killer closet to go with her killer wardrobe. To help Jaime get her dream dressing room, LA Closet Design knew we had to bring a bit of edgy glamour to the Beverly Hills home. To transform the existing space and focus on visibility, LA Closet Design integrated a variety of functional storage, and punctuated the closet with luxe materials and California-cool accents.

Color scheme was a logical starting point in order to best maintain the integrity and fluidity of the home. We used an elegant combination of white and mahogany wood, mixing the two in a way that was balanced and synergistic with the rest of the home’s aesthetic.

The next phase of Jaime’s closet was to decide how to best use the space. The trendsetting mom’s mission was more about seeing everything than organization, so we created a space where what you see is what you get. That included a suede-lined pull-out glass case to display her sunglass collection and a rod from which her boots hang from boot trees. For the jean-queen (er, King), we installed a vertical “denim bar” to house jeans, along with folded t-shirts using Pliios.

The last phase of the closet was bringing in key accent pieces that appropriately represented Jaime’s rocker-chic style. We sourced items like a furry stool from Jonathan Adler and an edgy bench from Kelly Wearstler, topping off the space with gold accessories to add a touch of glamour.

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“I never knew that I could have a closet that not only looked great, but integrates well with my lifestyle.”  — Tyra Banks


When you design a closet for one of the world’s premier supermodels, it better be as “fierce” as she is. I think LACD accomplished that when we designed Tyra Banks’ chic, bright, ultra-modern  dressing room. We curated a boutique-like space that works with the model-turned-mogul’s hectic lifestyle and that showcases her most prized (and abundant) possessions...her shoes!



We took several things into consideration with the design process. Tyra wanted a neutral pallet, so we opted to paint the walls in a bright white, matching the clean lines and modern aesthetic of the rest of the house. This also allowed Tyra’s clothing and accessories to pop in the space.




It was important that we incorporate the color yellow into the design for a few reasons. Both Tyra’s grandmother and great grandmother surrounded Tyra with yellow throughout her life, so it has sentimental value, and is a staple brand color in the Tyra Beauty collection. Also, it’s a color that inspires confidence and makes her feel motivated. We accomplished the integration by bringing in cheerful accent pieces.



Lastly, we wanted to balance what was showing and what was hidden. Everything worth viewing -- statement shoes, unique accessories and special clothing items -- is thoughtfully on display, while basics like sweaters, tees and underpinnings are folded neatly in drawers out of sight, keeping the space clean and organized.




The result of Tyra’s closet is a completely streamlined dressing room with a boutique feel that allows her to see what she has and make quick dressing decisions, while still having a sacred space that keeps her “smizing.”


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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shows us how she and her workout gear are kept in top shape

I’m in love with my fitness closet! It’s my favorite closet... I genuinely show it off to all of my friends when they are over.
— Khloe kardashian

Kardashian's 150sf "fitness closet" is the ultimate storage space for her amazing collection; in addition to plenty of hanging space so that her tops, tees, leggings and shorts can breathe after serious sweat-sessions, it's got L-shaped shelves for her extensive sneaker collection, dividers to organize her gym bags, sports bras and other items, a display case for accessories, and even a mini-fridge stocked with Fiji water.


Khloé loves the glass case display for her accessories - it's a suede-lined shelf that displays head and wrist bands, sunglasses, hair ties and more. I added LED lighting so the case lights up with the flip of a switch—these items get lost and disorganized in drawers, so I wanted to make sure they were beautifully displayed. My favorite part is the shoe area. I keep envisioning my own sneakers being displayed in the way Khloé's are!


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The Fashion Police host makes over his closet with the help of Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design

Architectural Digest, Photography by Tessa Neustadt

Architectural Digest, Photography by Tessa Neustadt


Building on the closet’s existing shelving, we first set about reorganizing its components, putting jackets and shirts at eye level and dropping pants to a low, neat row. LA Closet–designed pullout shelves in walnut with black suede inserts further customized the sleek system. And, to get those shoes off the floor, we installed floating shelves that put Goreski’s fabulous footwear on display.

I was just coming in here—I knew where everything was—and just grabbing stuff!
— Goreski
Adams immediately saw the large dressing room’s potential.
— architectural digest
In Goreski’s elegant new space, an understated neutral palette allows thoughtful design details, such as  Lamps Plus ’s 15-light glass ball pendant, to take center stage.

In Goreski’s elegant new space, an understated neutral palette allows thoughtful design details, such as Lamps Plus’s 15-light glass ball pendant, to take center stage.


Multiple mirrored walls let the star ensure his look is camera-ready while also amplifying the light that streams in through the room’s windows during the day. The final touches—a vintage black leather bench with chrome legs set atop West Elm's soft hand-loomed Shine rug—underline the space as the perfect pre-party hangout. Notes Goreski, “I didn’t realize what a mess my closet was before until I had it redone, and then I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve been living in a shambles!”


Videography by Jenner Brown/Lumineux.

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