“My goal was really to create a space of beauty, serenity, and most important, functionality.”

- Jaime King  

One of today’s foremost fashion icons -- not to mention a recognizable model and actress who holds her own in Hollywood -- Jaime King is proving to be a Tinseltown titan. And this modern-day woman with a mid-century modern home needed a killer closet to go with her killer wardrobe. To help Jaime get her dream dressing room, LA Closet Design knew we had to bring a bit of edgy glamour to the Beverly Hills home. To transform the existing space and focus on visibility, LA Closet Design integrated a variety of functional storage, and punctuated the closet with luxe materials and California-cool accents.

Color scheme was a logical starting point in order to best maintain the integrity and fluidity of the home. We used an elegant combination of white and mahogany wood, mixing the two in a way that was balanced and synergistic with the rest of the home’s aesthetic.

The next phase of Jaime’s closet was to decide how to best use the space. The trendsetting mom’s mission was more about seeing everything than organization, so we created a space where what you see is what you get. That included a suede-lined pull-out glass case to display her sunglass collection and a rod from which her boots hang from boot trees. For the jean-queen (er, King), we installed a vertical “denim bar” to house jeans, along with folded t-shirts using Pliios.

The last phase of the closet was bringing in key accent pieces that appropriately represented Jaime’s rocker-chic style. We sourced items like a furry stool from Jonathan Adler and an edgy bench from Kelly Wearstler, topping off the space with gold accessories to add a touch of glamour.

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