In keeping with the spooky Halloween season, I'm taking you inside a dressing room that will definitely be haunting your dreams! Designed for a client with an inclination to the dark side, this closet is the ultimate man cave.

The space showcases the client's fully tailored wardrobe and stylish sneaker collection for a boutique in-home experience. With LED rods and backlighting panels, every detail screams 'STYLE'!

A built-in charging drawer ensures all his electronics are tucked away and kept at full capacity. This maximizes convenience and protection, by keeping all the devices out of sight.

Longines watches are beautifully displayed on custom pull-out winders, with a biometric-locking Brown safe vault tucked below.

For more on Mr. Dark's man cave, see the full YouTube tour below!

Designer Lisa Adams tours the ultimate man cave, featuring all the techy extras! Complete with a backlit sneaker wall, custom safe, hidden compartments, and a charging station, this closet brings the boutique shopping experience home.