“I never knew that I could have a closet that not only looked great, but integrates well with my lifestyle.”  — Tyra Banks


When you design a closet for one of the world’s premier supermodels, it better be as “fierce” as she is. I think LACD accomplished that when we designed Tyra Banks’ chic, bright, ultra-modern  dressing room. We curated a boutique-like space that works with the model-turned-mogul’s hectic lifestyle and that showcases her most prized (and abundant) possessions...her shoes!



We took several things into consideration with the design process. Tyra wanted a neutral pallet, so we opted to paint the walls in a bright white, matching the clean lines and modern aesthetic of the rest of the house. This also allowed Tyra’s clothing and accessories to pop in the space.




It was important that we incorporate the color yellow into the design for a few reasons. Both Tyra’s grandmother and great grandmother surrounded Tyra with yellow throughout her life, so it has sentimental value, and is a staple brand color in the Tyra Beauty collection. Also, it’s a color that inspires confidence and makes her feel motivated. We accomplished the integration by bringing in cheerful accent pieces.



Lastly, we wanted to balance what was showing and what was hidden. Everything worth viewing -- statement shoes, unique accessories and special clothing items -- is thoughtfully on display, while basics like sweaters, tees and underpinnings are folded neatly in drawers out of sight, keeping the space clean and organized.




The result of Tyra’s closet is a completely streamlined dressing room with a boutique feel that allows her to see what she has and make quick dressing decisions, while still having a sacred space that keeps her “smizing.”


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