Hanging rods may seem like one of those closet essentials that is strictly functional, and even uninspiring; but, I have news for you...hanging rods are one of the closet’s most dynamic elements! From the finish to the shape and beyond, hanging rods can be real closet heroes. 


I’ve always thought the best closet rod inspiration comes from your favorite retailers. They often challenge the norm by using fabrics (I've seen leather!), striking colors and finishes, and various shapes that all create a unique shopping experience. Last year, Chanel created a pop-up in St. Tropez and designed a ceiling-suspended black hanging rod grid. The result was architectural and felt like an art exhibit. Balenciaga’s New York flagship store took an industrial take on rods, placing merchandise on aluminum foil-covered ceiling rods on warehouse conveyor rails. Dover Street Market, which opened last year in Los Angeles, has some of the most inventive hanging rods I’ve seen. Each designer is represented as an installation and store-in-store concept, so there’s a diverse range of rods -- from spherical shaped to cages to acrylic boxes. 


Recreating hanging rods like these in a home closet may not always be possible; but, there are plenty of imaginative iterations. While some clients certainly want a traditional look when it comes to displaying their wardrobe (think built-in round chrome rods), more and more are willing to take risks and embrace design-driven rods. That often means playing with color -- bronze, rose gold, brass, matte black and acrylic rods give spaces a stylish pop and that reflect the owner's personal style. Beyond color, shape is another way to get creative with rods. U-shaped rods are popular with those who want to bring a boutique experience to their space. I implemented ceiling-suspended brass rods in my recently revealed closet, which adds a sophisticated sensibility to the space. Wall-mounted rods, like the ones I installed in Jessi Malay’s dressing room, are a great way to show off certain pieces or merchandise looks. 


Hanging rods have really evolved over the years, beyond aesthetics.  LED rods are the ultimate high-tech rod, helping to illuminate your garments while also looking sleek. (You can now shop custom LED rods from us in the online boutique!) For closets with tricky corners, corner rods are a smart solution that can fit your mold to your closet's curves and add additional hanging space. Mobile rods that move up and down with the press of a button are a great option for smaller spaces that have height but not width expansion. Other options for hanging storage solutions are this innovative double hang closet rod, this contemporary clothing rack, and this clever spiral display.



Ever wonder what the closets of your favorite influencers look like? I’m here to pull back the curtain to share a few projects I’ve worked on for some of the world’s top bloggers and show you a few of the elements that make them picture perfect! 


Influencer closets, much like celebrity closets, represent what many of us dream of when we imagine the ultimate dressing room (hashtag blessed). They far exceed the basics of a traditional closet -- think gold hanging rods, spacious staging and “unboxing” areas, store-like shoe displays, and vanities. While no two influencer closets are alike (we are talking about tastemakers with strong design aesthetics, after all), they are crafted with a mission to capture the influencer’s lifestyle, embody their brand and be functional in a way that allows them to do tutorials, reveal products they’re sent, pack for trips, and, ultimately, show followers their personal style. I’m finding with influencers focusing more on their closets, people from all walks of life are being inspired and really stepping up their closet game! 


Over the last few years I’ve worked with such influencers as: the Kardashians, Giuliana Rancic, Olivia Culpo, Brad Goreski, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, Jessi Malay, Tania Sarin, Monica Rose, Ali Fedotowsky, and Katie LaFrance of KT the Blondie. And, I have an upcoming project with Jules Sariñana of Sincerely Jules that I can’t wait to share! 

My closet is where the magic happens, it’s my studio, the place where I organize my inspiration and bring my creative ideas to life. It is my personal archive of new, old and vintage! Each piece is a reflection of where I’ve been and there’s a story behind everything! It holds more than just clothes - it’s a trip into my world.
— Jules Sariñana - Sincerely Jules

One of the most prolific trends in influencer closets is the use of a neutral palette with glam, high-gloss touches. Chriselle, Jessi, Olivia, and Giuliana are a few influencers who opted for this aesthetic, which offers a clean and chic backdrop that allows clothes and accessories to really pop! And, it not only looks good in person, it translates well on camera. 


Staging areas are another influencer must. Whether it’s a boutique-inspired changing room like what we created for Monica or a vignette to hang looks like Jessi’s mirrored staging space, influencers revel in having a place to play dress up -- no filter needed! 

As a lifestyle/fashion/beauty influencer, my closet is literally part of my office where I go to piece together looks to shoot and share — looks that will inspire. So in order to do that, my closet must be inspiring and intuitive so I can quickly create cohesive looks when on the go!
— Jessi Malay

Many influencers, particularly those with a popular beauty or grooming following, like the idea of having a vanity or easy access to their products. In Jessi’s closet, I added a vanity with acrylic drawers so she can see all her skincare and makeup essentials, and she can create beauty and fashion looks in a single dressing room. Brad’s closet is part of his bathroom, so rather than try to separate the spaces, I created a seamless transition that incorporates the bathroom’s storage space and mirrors, making it feel like one large lifestyle space to get ready.


Shoes and bags are the real showstoppers in many influencers’ wardrobes, so one of my goals is always to spotlight them and give them the attention they deserve! Monica, Olivia and Tania have enviable footwear and purse collections, and they wanted a way to properly display them, almost like artwork. To accomplish this, I designed builtin shelving, in some instances, at different heights in order to accommodate the varying bag and shoe heights. Now, they’re ready for their #shelfie! 


My closet is an integral part of my life. It’s not only part of my job but it’s also a place where I find inspiration and confidence. I start my day in my closet and end my day there!
— Chriselle Lim - The Chriselle Factor

Final touches -- whether feminine, statement-making or original -- are what make influencer closets especially Instagramable (and double-tap worthy!). In Ali’s baby closet, the gold and Lucite hang bars took the space from ordinary to extraordinary! Similarly, Tania’s gold hang bars, coupled with the modern black and gold light fixture are truly style statements. Meanwhile, Monica’s multifaceted 1800-square-foot industrial-meets-minimal space that serves as a closet, studio and office is a sight to be seen, in large part because of its jaw-dropping size. 



If ‘over-the-top’ sums up your style, 2019 is your year!

One of this year’s top trends is maximalism (aka the opposite of minimalism). Maximalism is an explosion of textures, fabrics, colors, time periods and styles. Basically, an amalgamation of excess and emotion! Check out these Instagram accounts to acquaint yourself with the decadent design trend: Matthew Williamson, Sasha Bikoff Interior Design, Marcie Kobernus, Michelle Nussbaumer and Cabana Magazine.


I’ve worked with clients who purposely want to downsize and prefer minimalistic design to simplify their lives, but more often than not, we celebrate maximalism (sorry, Marie Kondo)!  In a way, our closets are inherently based on maximalism because we are housing so many diverse items in one space. But, if you want to add an extra dose of decadence to your closet, here are a few ways to incorporate maximalism into your dressing room:


Add artwork -- Artwork is a key element in maximalism and it’s a great opportunity to experiment with the trend. Gallery walls are one of the most popular ways to incorporate maximalism art, but you can also opt for a large bold piece like this Moglea print or elaborate frame like this baroque-inspired one to accompany a painting.

Design by Philip Nimmo (@philipnimmo) | Photo courtesy of Roger Davies Photography (@rogerdaviesphotography)

Design by Philip Nimmo (@philipnimmo) | Photo courtesy of Roger Davies Photography (@rogerdaviesphotography)


Layer...a lot -- More is more with maximalism and what better way to achieve that than by mixing patterns, colors and textures? Rather than sticking to a specific color scheme or focusing on a single pattern, overlap them to create eclectic charm. Try layering two or three printed rugs, mix and match seating options or create unexpected color stories. While it’s important to keep scale and orgainzation in mind, the general rule is to keep adding and adding!

Design by Philip Nimmo (@philipnimmo) | Photo courtesy of Roger Davies Photography (@rogerdaviesphotography)

Design by Philip Nimmo (@philipnimmo) | Photo courtesy of Roger Davies Photography (@rogerdaviesphotography)

Transcend time -- Nothing says maximalism like mixing pieces from various time periods. A little Victorian here, some Art Deco there, sprinkled with some modern elements. By bridging vintage with contemporary you create a unique design story that is personal and unique. 1stdibs is a great place to score rare antiques and artifacts, as are flea markets.


Work in wallpaper -- Wallpapering a space is an easy and affordable way to create a bit of drama. If your aesthetic leans romantic, try the Ellie Cashman’s oversized floral print that’s trending right now. Prefer something more whimsical? Opt for a palm leaf print, similar to what I incorporated into Whitney Port’s closet.  Feeling bold? Black Crow Studios’ “Dystopian Opulence” collection is a collision of color, nature and texture that is sure to make a style statement!



Sorry ladies, today's post is for the guys. Happy Father’s Day to the dads! If you’re like many, your dad duties will be honored this weekend with a new wardrobe addition. After all, you’re not a regular dad, you’re a cool dad! Whether you unwrap a belt, hat, pair of sunglasses, tech toy, tie, or watch come Sunday, you’ll need to find the perfect place in your closet to proudly display and store your new Father’s Day fashion.




Most men can get away with just a few belts in their wardrobe; but, if you find you’re running out of space to store them, it might be time to invest in a mounted belt rack, which can hold several. A belt rack allows you to easily see your inventory and also keeps belts in ideal waist-wearing shape. Another storage option is a drawer insert with designated dividers that create pockets to accommodate coiled belts. Placing belts in a drawer not only protects them and prevents scratches, it’s easy to organize them by color or occasion.



With baseball season in full swing (go Dodgers!), perhaps you scored a new ball cap for Dad’s Day. The best way to store your favorite baseball hats is to fold them in half so the back tucks into the brim, and stack in a drawer or on a shelf, tightly pressed up against the one behind it. Alternatively, if your closet has empty wall space, you can hang hats on hooks like an art display!



Finally got those Ray-Bans you’ve been eyeing? Storing shades properly is critical for maximizing their longevity. Since they’re delicate, I recommend storing them in display boxes, pull-out glass displays, or acrylic vanity trays to avoid potential damage. Custom suede drawer inserts are another way to care for your favorite designer spectacles. LA Closet Design can create personalized inserts in a range of colors and fabrics. Other sunglass storage solutions include a L.E.D. optical display, a rotating chrome display rack, and a sunglass box organizer.



Lucky enough to get some new tech this Father’s Day? Well, you'll be glad to know your closet can be enhanced to accommodate charging outlets built into cabinet drawers. Now, you won’t have to be too far from your new tech toy while getting ready for the day!


One of the most timeless go-to gifts for Dad is a new tie. So, if you’re adding to your tie collection this Father’s Day, it’s time to think about where (and how!) you’re storing your favorite neck accessory.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly (think sloppily shoved in a drawer or haphazardly draped over a hanger) of tie storage. But managing tie storage doesn’t have to be tricky. One of the simplest solutions is a mounted tie rack, which keeps ties untangled and makes them easy to grab and go. Another option I’ve often incorporated is a built-in display, almost like cubbies, where ties are folded the way you’d see them showcased in a store. It’s the ultimate retail experience within your own home!  




If you’re the Pops who enjoys pricey wrist candy, there are some tricks to keeping those timepieces ticking like new. Don’t always have the time to wind your watches? Invest in automatic watch winders, which not only carefully holds your watch, but also helps keep the day and time function running properly. Custom pull-outs with pads to wrap your watches around can fit in a drawer or, for more expensive timepieces, sized for a safe. Lastly, if you’re a devoted collector, I suggest investing in a humidor, which provides optimal temperature cool is that?!  


Wardrobes, armoires and dressers are a traditional bedroom storage solution, but credenzas are another closet extension option that can dress up a space. While credenzas are most often seen in living and dining areas, they’re proving to be popular organizing piece in the closet or bedroom.

The angular furniture piece dates back to the Renaissance era and has transcended centuries and aesthetics. As functional as it is fashionable, credenzas are timeless additions to nearly every room in the house. Here are few striking options that could be a continuation of the closets in your home!

Mid-Century Makes a Comeback -- Credenzas were popular in the mid-1900s, as closets and storage spaces were much smaller. Today, as mid-century design makes a pervasive return, minimal wood credenzas are a common storage staple.

Earthly Delights -- Incorporating natural materials like stone, marble and leather are a great way to bring nature into the bedroom and these credenzas are sure to add a rustic layer to the space

A Touch of Metallic -- Credenzas get a glam upgrade with metallic hardware like handles, feet or doors. Whether adorned with bronze, gold or silver accents, a metallic credenza is a classic, yet modern way to elevate your space.

Pops of Print & Color -- Want to make a statement in your space? A colorful or printed credenza can add a playful pop that will make your space anything but traditional.


“Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.”

-- Karl Lagerfeld


Like many, I was deeply saddened to learn of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing this week. He was truly a creative genius who never grew uninspired and whose remarkable career spanned more than half a century. I really admire his ability to generate such unique work as creative director for multiple fashion houses at once, and constantly reinvent, while remaining true to his brands’ DNA. No doubt, we lost an inimitable icon who created some of the world’s most significant and timeless art. To try and articulate the contributions he made to the world would be a disservice; his impact on fashion, design, culture and society are too great to even fully comprehend. His legacy and indelible imprint will inevitably live on. And, I know I’ll cherish my inspiration drawn from him along with his designs that hang in my closet.


One of my favorite Karl memories was seeing him photographed with Dottling, the safe company that LA Closet Design represents in the U.S. Dressed in his typical “uniform” he helped make the Dottling look ultra-chic.

Another memory is when I saw a story a few years ago that toured Karl’s spacious pied-à-terre. I found it fascinating that a person with such a vibrant design aesthetic retreated to a monochromatic, and in some spaces, sterile-feeling, home. While his muted gray apartment straddled modern and classic, the most memorable part of his home was not his closet (surprisingly!), but rather his insane book collection. I’d love to know when he found time to read while designing for multiple fashion houses!

Not only was Karl a visionary in the fashion world, he had an undeniable aesthetic that was entirely his own, and allowed him to seamlessly bridge the gap between fashion and interiors! Most recently, the Hotel de Crillon in Paris commissioned his inimitable eye for the re-design of their most exclusive guest suites. The resulting collaboration was timeless, modern, and clearly Karl.


As the world mourns, perhaps the best way to pay tribute to the famous fashion fixture is to continue to make the world a chicer place, and purchase a piece of Chanel, Fendi or his namesake Karl Lagerfeld merchandise. If you need some ideas, here are few pieces that are sure to reflect his creative spirit:






Karl Lagerfeld



Halloween is such a fun time of year -- the candy, the costumes, the celebrations. But, this year, I’m embracing the creepy, crawly season with some non-frightful high-fashion! Menacing monsters, blood-curdling bugs, spine-chilling serpents and scary skulls are all part of this season’s spooktacular style. So, here’s some inspiration to get you into the Halloween tricks and no costumes required!

Fendi’s monsters have been woven into the house’s collections for seasons. Though they’re more sweet than sinister, they can certainly raise a few hairs. Seen on bags (often, discreetly), tees, shoes and, perhaps most notably, as bag charms and keyrings, Fendi monsters aren’t just critters that hide under our bed.



Bugs and serpents are another Halloween horror that have crawled into more everyday fashion. Alexander McQueen brings beetles to life with printed dresses and chunky jewelry, while Gucci’s snake print has slithered onto everything from bomber jackets to totes to sneakers.





A combination of chilling critters and ultimate chicness, jewelry designer Daniela Villegas's hand crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces draw from nature. Available at Just One Eye, the pieces feature everything from a quail skeleton made of 18-karat rose gold atop a tourmaline gemstone and accented with white diamonds to an 18-karat rose gold beetle medallion necklace embellished with champagne diamonds and multicolor sapphires to an 18-karat spider rose gold necklace adorned with opals which represents luck, abundance and creativity.  





Spiders and spider web-inspired threads and accessories are slowly creeping into wardrobes. From Alaïa’s cutout booties to Vetements playful Spiderman-print glove-sleeve jersey dress, even to fine jewelry, this trend is a web you might want to get caught in!







They may be morbid, but skulls in fashion are as timeless as they are terrifying. A signature of Alexander McQueen, the brand has made haunting hollow heads totally chic. Scarves, leather goods and apparel can’t escape the house’s trademark symbol.  360Cashmere also doesn’t shy away from skulls, adorning their cozy, cashmere sweaters with them. And, iconic housewares brand, Fornasetti, reproduces opera sensation, Lina Cavalieri’s face on everyday objects like candles and plates, giving elegant decor surreal style.


Alexander McQueen X Damien Hirst




Dolce&Gabbana X SMEG

House of Monsters Fridge


360 Cashmere

These monsters make a modern appearance in the home, and especially the closet! When fashion and funky interiors intersect, you’ll see the same skull patterns and moody materials applied to the interior finishes. What better place to get inspired and assemble the perfect fashion-forward look for that Halloween party (or any day for that matter)?!





Here’s Sneak peek of how I’m creating a moody, multi-functional closet for Tania Sarin!

I’m so excited about a recent project that I had to give you guys a sneak peek before it’s even complete! I’ve been in the process of designing a dressing room for my good friend, style maven and influencer, Tania Sarin, and it’s been such a fun project. Tania’s space is different than other closets I’ve created in that she wanted it to be convertible to a second bedroom, and she wanted the aesthetic to be dark, moody, cool and contemporary -- no soft neutrals or overly feminine elements. I wanted to keep the space true to her style, which she describes as edgy, modern, and classic with a twist of masculine undertones (check out her Instagram for endless wardrobe inspiration). With that in mind, I focused on a predominantly gray and black color palette with touches of brass and art deco accents to capture her cool, contemporary sensibility.



A1 2.jpeg

A few weeks ago we hit the streets of LA for some inspiration, scouting at stores like Stella McCartney and Consort and assessing how pieces could work in her space. From there, I mocked up renderings in which I included a sleeper sofa (how fun for her houseguests to sleep amongst her chic clothes!), a modern end table, and brass accessories.  


I can’t wait to share the finished closet. But, in the meantime, enjoy these renderings and a few of the pieces I plan to use to bring her closet to life!

A3 2.jpeg

ULTRA-VIOLET: Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

Prepare for purple everywhere!

Are you ready to pump up your purple game? You may have heard purple will be pervasive in 2018 with the Pantone Color Institute naming “Ultra Violet” the “Color of the Year.” With purple reigning supreme, prepare to see the more-blue-than-red purple shade popping up across all areas of design -- from home decor and fashion to art and food.

According to Pantone, the hue which pays homage to Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix, who all used purple as a personal expression of individuality, was selected “to evoke a counterculture flair, a grab for originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking…” An ideal color for creative types and freethinkers, the dramatic shade, “reflects the idea of living not inside the box or outside the box but with no box at all.”



Whether you choose to partake in the Black Friday frenzy or not, you are sure to love these finds! In keeping with the namesake color of the day, I'm giving you my favorite monochrome black moments in fashion and interior decor. From belts to bags, and boutiques to bathrooms, black is back, and bringing far more excitement than a day of discount shopping!

Matte black basin and marble top

Matte black basin and marble top

Black Marble Bathroom Accessories

Black Marble Bathroom Accessories


Marble is one of the many materials designers are using to bring black into the home. Either through kitchen counters, bathroom fixtures, or simplified accessories, this is a stylish statement that upgrades any space.

GUCCI Matte Black Logo Belt

GUCCI Matte Black Logo Belt

Alexander Wang pop-up

Alexander Wang pop-up

Bold doses of black are not only taking over modern residential design - they're making a chic statement in the world of fashion as well. Whether it's the pieces themselves, or the boutique spaces in which the clothes are presented, matte and monochrome moments in black are big!




The perfect storm of fashion and function, I am seeing more interest in monochrome closets than ever before! Lighting is key to living with a black closet, but it's easily one of the most transformative ways to achieve a curated boutique appearance in your space.