Corners in any room can be a tricky design challenge…

…but they can seem especially complicated in closets. So how do you maximize the space in your closet when you’re dealing with annoying angles?

Here are five of my favorite hacks for how to handle closet corners!

Carousels  -- If you want to use that awkward closet corner to store more hanging garments, then a carousel is a good way to go. The stylish spiral storage solution rotates 360 degrees and allows for hanging items all the way around, making it not only functional, but eye-catching, too! You can purchase one like this or have it custom created.


Lazy Susan -- We often think of lazy susans as a kitchen accessory, but they’re an excellent closet corner hack, too! Perfect for storing shoes or bags, a closet lazy susan operates in a similar fashion as a kitchen one where you can rotate it, revealing one side. In most cases a lazy susan needs to be custom built to fit the exact measurements of your space.


Rods -- If your closet hanging rods stop short of the corner, it’s possible to find specially made corner rods, like this one from Home Depot, which curves and attaches between two impression towers to fit in a corner space.  Another option for added hanging space using rods is to customize them to fit precisely. We’re big fans of the LED hanging rods! This additional hanging space helps ensure your pieces aren't crammed and have some extra breathing room.


Shelves -- If your closet corner is large enough, installing shelving might be the most efficient solution. Home Depot has plenty of options, but shelves can also be customized. Additional shelving can be used for holding folded garments like sweaters and jeans to housing shoes and handbags. They’re also great for showcasing framed photos, plants and memorabilia.


Three-Way Mirror --  Mirrors have many uses beyond just giving yourself a once over before heading out the door; they can add instant style to a space and also make a room appear bigger. And, a three-way mirror in the closet corner checks all the boxes! Now, all you have to do is decide what style you prefer -- classic art deco,  contemporary with LED lighting,  hip and industrial or sleek and modern. You can also create a 3-way effect using mirrored doors in the closet, providing additional hidden storage behind!



Sorry ladies, today's post is for the guys. Happy Father’s Day to the dads! If you’re like many, your dad duties will be honored this weekend with a new wardrobe addition. After all, you’re not a regular dad, you’re a cool dad! Whether you unwrap a belt, hat, pair of sunglasses, tech toy, tie, or watch come Sunday, you’ll need to find the perfect place in your closet to proudly display and store your new Father’s Day fashion.




Most men can get away with just a few belts in their wardrobe; but, if you find you’re running out of space to store them, it might be time to invest in a mounted belt rack, which can hold several. A belt rack allows you to easily see your inventory and also keeps belts in ideal waist-wearing shape. Another storage option is a drawer insert with designated dividers that create pockets to accommodate coiled belts. Placing belts in a drawer not only protects them and prevents scratches, it’s easy to organize them by color or occasion.



With baseball season in full swing (go Dodgers!), perhaps you scored a new ball cap for Dad’s Day. The best way to store your favorite baseball hats is to fold them in half so the back tucks into the brim, and stack in a drawer or on a shelf, tightly pressed up against the one behind it. Alternatively, if your closet has empty wall space, you can hang hats on hooks like an art display!



Finally got those Ray-Bans you’ve been eyeing? Storing shades properly is critical for maximizing their longevity. Since they’re delicate, I recommend storing them in display boxes, pull-out glass displays, or acrylic vanity trays to avoid potential damage. Custom suede drawer inserts are another way to care for your favorite designer spectacles. LA Closet Design can create personalized inserts in a range of colors and fabrics. Other sunglass storage solutions include a L.E.D. optical display, a rotating chrome display rack, and a sunglass box organizer.



Lucky enough to get some new tech this Father’s Day? Well, you'll be glad to know your closet can be enhanced to accommodate charging outlets built into cabinet drawers. Now, you won’t have to be too far from your new tech toy while getting ready for the day!


One of the most timeless go-to gifts for Dad is a new tie. So, if you’re adding to your tie collection this Father’s Day, it’s time to think about where (and how!) you’re storing your favorite neck accessory.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly (think sloppily shoved in a drawer or haphazardly draped over a hanger) of tie storage. But managing tie storage doesn’t have to be tricky. One of the simplest solutions is a mounted tie rack, which keeps ties untangled and makes them easy to grab and go. Another option I’ve often incorporated is a built-in display, almost like cubbies, where ties are folded the way you’d see them showcased in a store. It’s the ultimate retail experience within your own home!  




If you’re the Pops who enjoys pricey wrist candy, there are some tricks to keeping those timepieces ticking like new. Don’t always have the time to wind your watches? Invest in automatic watch winders, which not only carefully holds your watch, but also helps keep the day and time function running properly. Custom pull-outs with pads to wrap your watches around can fit in a drawer or, for more expensive timepieces, sized for a safe. Lastly, if you’re a devoted collector, I suggest investing in a humidor, which provides optimal temperature cool is that?!  


Wardrobes, armoires and dressers are a traditional bedroom storage solution, but credenzas are another closet extension option that can dress up a space. While credenzas are most often seen in living and dining areas, they’re proving to be popular organizing piece in the closet or bedroom.

The angular furniture piece dates back to the Renaissance era and has transcended centuries and aesthetics. As functional as it is fashionable, credenzas are timeless additions to nearly every room in the house. Here are few striking options that could be a continuation of the closets in your home!

Mid-Century Makes a Comeback -- Credenzas were popular in the mid-1900s, as closets and storage spaces were much smaller. Today, as mid-century design makes a pervasive return, minimal wood credenzas are a common storage staple.

Earthly Delights -- Incorporating natural materials like stone, marble and leather are a great way to bring nature into the bedroom and these credenzas are sure to add a rustic layer to the space

A Touch of Metallic -- Credenzas get a glam upgrade with metallic hardware like handles, feet or doors. Whether adorned with bronze, gold or silver accents, a metallic credenza is a classic, yet modern way to elevate your space.

Pops of Print & Color -- Want to make a statement in your space? A colorful or printed credenza can add a playful pop that will make your space anything but traditional.


I just returned from a whirlwind spring break trip — exploring Hong Kong and Singapore, seeing the sites, tasting the street food and living out “Crazy Rich Asians” wherever possible. So, now that spring break has come and gone, I’ve got summer in my sights. With longer, sunnier days, I’m thinking about a sunglass refresh. A summer staple, this season is all about deciding what decade you want to channel with your eyewear -- the ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s.

Style icons from the ‘70s like Farrah Fawcett and Bianca Jagger were experts at accessorizing with oversized, pink-hued glasses. Today, the look is still popular among the fashion set with Chloé, Linda Farrow and Sunday Somewhere are all revitalizing the retro rose-colored spectacles.











Straying from the feminine ‘70s aesthetic, the ‘80s produced Terminator-style visor glasses. And, the look has returned (I suppose we could have guessed they’d “be back”).  Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Victoria Beckham are a few of the designers putting a modern day spin on the statement-making shades.











Moving into the ‘90s, glasses shrunk significantly offering slim-framed silhouettes. The trend resurfaced last year and continues to be a fiery fad. This season designers like Ganni, Illesteva, and Miu Miu are adding a strong cat-eye to the design, making it puuurfect for trendsetters.    












Whether you have a go-to set of shades or several spectacles in rotation, storing them properly ensures they always look good and stand the test of time! There are several custom storage options I like to employ for eyewear, including display boxes (for Olivia Culpo’s closet we did a cool brass one), pull-out glass displays (similar to what we did for Jaime King), as well as acrylic vanity trays. One of the most popular ways we incorporate sunglasses for our clients are with custom suede drawer inserts! Available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, these are a great way to add personality to your closet, and care for your designer sunnies! (If you’re interested in having these made for your own space, contact us today.) There are also several storage solutions that aren’t custom including this chic L.E.D. optical display that resembles a set-up you’d see in a luxury boutique, this retail-ready rotating chrome display rack, and this affordable sunglass box organizer.



Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to get cleaning!

I have plenty of go-to closet organization tips that I rely on this time of year, like purging, or creating a system in which you categorize your pieces, and store off-season styles so they last. Many of the organization principles I employ for closets can be translated to to the rest of the home. So, here are a few ideas to get your whole space in tip-top shape for Spring.

Everything Has a Home -- Just as each item in your closet should have its perfect place, so too should items in other rooms in your home. After purging, determine where everything should “live.”


Kids’ playrooms are especially difficult spaces in which to control clutter, but with an “everything has a home” philosophy, it makes managing kids’ chaos much easier. Cute benches and chests are some of my favorite furniture pieces to help ensure toys, books and games return to their rightful homes after a day of play.

Home offices can get out of hand quickly with endless paperwork. The simplest way to ensure things like bills, medical information and tax returns land in a proper place, is to invest in a file cabinet and folders. File cabinets and folders have come a long way from the days of metal rolling cabinets and manila folders, so have some fun finding a home for those not-so-fun documents.  

Over in the kitchen, it’s all about getting the most out of drawers and cabinets — similar to how we approach the closet! Maximizing space and being strategic allows each item to live comfortably in its respective home. Drawer and cabinet organizers are the best way to achieve this. These can range from simple to complex, colorful to neutral, inexpensive to pricey; but, I recommend finding ones that work most seamlessly in your kitchen.

Create a System you can Stick to -- In the closet I recommend sorting garments by style, color or occasion so that it’s logical to you and works with how you live your life. The same goes for other rooms in the house.

In a kid’s playroom, create a storage system where toys are categorized by child, age or activity. A color system works well (ie. all the books go in the blue bin), as does sorting catchalls according to activity (ie. art, sports, etc.). This allows kids to get involved and makes decluttering more fun. There are tons of stylish storage systems out there, so don’t feel like you have to compromise fashion for function.

In a home office it’s so important to have a system that is efficient and effective, so you’re not bogged down or distracted by clutter. We all know papers can stack up quickly, so have a place for them to go besides directly on your desk. A letter tray or file sorter are ideal for organizing mail and documents that need to be filed.

A particularly popular room in the house, the kitchen can quickly become clutter-central. So, establish a system that’s clear and easy for the entire household to understand. One method to get the entire family excited about developing a system is incorporating labeled storage containers to sort foods. It’s a simple hack that will have you feeling like Khloe Kardashian!

Add Fashionable Finishing Touches -- Even if you don’t have it all together, adding a few luxury elements can make it seem like you do! Whether a beautiful smelling candle, charming vase or stylish decorative object, sometimes it’s the little things that can make transitioning from one season to the next feel most exciting.

Kids’ playrooms should be playful and inviting, and there are a few extra elements that can make it feel like it’s even more of a special (and elevated!) space.

My inner-nerd could go crazy with home office accessories! From pencil holders to paperweights, I’ll always put in the “work” if it means I get to use my geek-chic desk goodies.

Even if you’re not the best home chef, you can still play the part with a few glam gadgets.


The holiday season is here, and whatever the weather where you’re traveling, you’re sure to encounter some wintry accessories! I’m often asked for the best ways to store soft and delicate sweaters, among other winter wear. I decided in advance of those new cashmere socks and gloves you’re likely to see in the stocking this year, it’s the perfect chance to put together a few storage solutions that will keep your knits and furs looking their best and winter ready for many years to come!


Whether small silk squares or oversized chunky knits, scarves can be a beast to properly store year-round. As is often the problem with these smaller, less used accessories, you might be tempted to toss them all in a drawer and deal with them again next year! I would argue if you can’t find the perfect one (and we all know the accessories make the outfit), you’ll never wear it! Try instead a partitioned insert that will keep your cozy knits separated by style, or a simple scarf hanger that can accommodate multiple scarves at a time! If you have extra wall space, consider a towel bar or staging rod where you can hang neatly. And, if you’re looking for more of a closet upgrade, you can also incorporate a designated pull-out for all your patterned scarves and pashminas so they’re tucked away nicely, and look beautiful every time you open it up.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 7.33.32 PM.png


Who doesn’t love a cozy knit around the holidays (or all year long)?! The trick is protecting them from damage while they’re stored away. Some can hang, (on a special sweater hanger) without fear of stretching, but others need additional protection. If you’re dealing with more delicate duds, consider a leather storage box or an enclosed cabinet. If you’re storing on shelves, I recommend folding and sorting by weight and color!



Even Santa needs a place to store his hat 364 days of the year! Depending on the style, you might want to keep them in their original boxes, or nest them together on a shelf! I often opt to store these on the highest shelf of the closet, so no space goes to waste, and you’re not climbing a ladder to access items you need every day. Plus, they can look great displayed around the closet! If you have a larger collection and room to spare, I also love creating a statement hat wall that fills the space with instant personality. You could even do this in a bedroom or hallway.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 7.43.28 PM.png


Another small accessory that you can never seem to find when you need them! Never leave your gloves in the bottom of a bag, or they’re gone forever. The best way to keep a pair of gloves at the tip of your fingers is to designate a spot in a partitioned insert or tray. Take them out, wear them, and return them to their home where they live for the remainder of the year.



Furs (even Faux) are not only an investment accessory, but require an investment of time to maintain. If you want your stoles and coats to look their best for generations to come, the best solution is a designated, temp-controlled cabinet. Smaller accessories should always lay flat, in a soft, lined drawer or shelf to avoid crushing! Luxury pieces require luxury care, and you’ll be happy you did when you can still wear that timeless coat twenty years from now!

LACD_Rizzone_Mar15_12 1837.jpg


The holiday travel season is upon us!

This means we’re all once again digging through our hall closets and garage storage to find our favorite carry-on bags… well, not all of us! Some of the most practical specialty closets I’ve been commissioned to design over the years are for stowing away luxury luggage! If you thought it was important to have a place to protect your shoes and handbags, you’ll understand why clients are starting to dedicate space for their suitcases. Traveling for the holidays can be stressful enough; the last thing you want to do when packing for a trip is spend precious time trying uncover a suitcase in a cluttered storage area. And, contrary to what you might think, finding functional ways to store them doesn’t have to require a ton of space. If you can get creative, and dedicate an area the appropriate size for your suitcases, it can make packing a breeze!

Here, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite ways to stow away your precious cargo in style, whether you have a whole room to dedicate, or you’re already using every square inch of space!:


What we often forget when trying to store luggage - these trunks and travel bags are MEANT to store things! Therefore, they don’t have to take up extra, unnecessary space. If your closet is already bursting at the seams, consider incorporating your luggage as decor in the space. If you have nice travel accessories, they can be used to keep seasonal items out of sight, and become the focal point of your closet (or any room in the house)!



Often, clients just aren’t making the best use of their existing space! They hesitate to store anything on the top shelf of their closets, for fear of not being able to reach. The same can be said for the space under your hanging clothing - you’re afraid if you store anything here, you’ll forget about it and it will be lost forever! These are both real concerns, but luggage is the exception! Take back that underutilized space by tucking your travel bags away, out of sight, but still within reach. Next time you’re packing, you’ll have everything you need right there in your closet.



Clients often forget that nothing about their closet is set in stone! It might require a few touch-ups, but adding/removing shelves and rods are simple solutions that can exponentially improve the functionality of the space. This is a room where you’re usually starting and ending every day, and it’s worth a little investment to make that experience run smoothly! If you’re storing large suitcases in a basement or separate area of the house, I would recommend a little reorganization, removing a couple of shelves, and designating a space in your closet or dressing room to keep them close!



This is definitely the way to go, if you have the space to allocate! Whether it’s converting a linen or hall closet, or designating an area of your dressing room, custom suitcase closets are the perfect way to stow your luggage in style! Designed to fit everything from totes to trolley bags, these spaces can incorporate custom lighting, hooks, staging areas, and a place to pack. No more trekking to the corners of your home every time you need to pack a bag!


LACDx Curated Closet Gifts


It’s official…I’m in the holiday spirit! Who else is ready to enjoy the plentiful parties, presents and good cheer? As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, I’ve got gift giving on my mind. There are so many fun gift guides out there, but sifting through them can take longer than checking off the nice and naughty lists. So, this year I thought I’d share some ideas straight out of “Closet Design Bible” (which, by the way, makes a stellar stocking stuffer!). The coffee table book is chock full of gift ideas -- from everyday essentials to pretty, decorative pieces -- for your family and friends that won’t break the bank.  I’ve curated a few of my favorite pieces from CB2, WestElm, and the like to implement my ‘Tips’, and divided them into four categories — Not so Basic Black, Brass and White Marble for the Masses, Coming Up Rose (Gold) and Shades of Silver and Gray. There’s sure to be a selection to complement any look! Happy gifting!

Not-so-Basic Black


We all have that person in our life who believes black is superior to every other color. Fortunately, you don’t have to default to a basic black present. How about this marble tray that can serve as a display for flowers and candles or even a holder for jewelry? The tray is also a chic catchall for your man’s keys and coins. Check out chapter 17 -- “The Man Cave Closet” -- for more guy gift inspiration.  A couple easy closet upgrades that are often overlooked are switching out dresser handles and enhancing a blank wall. These marble handles can easily elevate dresser drawers while this notched marble wall hook can be used to stage outfits on an empty wall. Need an unexpected stocking stuffer? LA Closet Design’s purse pillows are perfect for your handbag-hoarding friends.

Brass and White Marble for the Masses


Marble and brass used to be the ultimate luxury materials. Today, they are more accessible, meaning there’s plenty to pick from beyond countertops and bathroom fixtures (those aren’t exactly presents that can be wrapped and tied with a perfect bow anyway). A trash can is certainly not a conventional gift, but this glam brass wastecan gives trash a truly luxe look. This clever clothing rack made from industrial pipes is a stylish space-saver and great for showing off special wardrobe pieces. We all know the gal with a lot of fashion goodies, and these glass and brass linen-lined shadow boxes hold keepsakes and accessories while adding style to shelves, dressers and vanities. We created similar built-in glass displays in Khloe Kardashian’s workout closet for her athletic accessories (flip to chapter 16 -- The West Coast Workout Closet” -- for a closer look).

Coming Up Rose (Gold)


As rose gold continues to reign supreme among home decor hues, the holiday season is an ideal time to gift your rose gold-loving girlfriends with something special.  As someone who knows all too well the importance of good lighting, I think one of the best gifts you can give is this sensor mirror, which combines state-of-the-art tech and a functional design to provide optimal lighting for primping.  Know someone who could use some hanger help to better streamline her closet? These elegant copper hangers add an element of design while also organizing the space. Peep chapter nine -- “The Tailored Dressing Room -- for more on keeping hangers consistent.  I’m also a fan of these antique-inspired wall-mounted shadow boxes that can be used for displaying jewelry or mementos. Meanwhile, these wing bookends are ideal for the bookworm in your life. Don’t they just scream “take a shelfy!?”

Shades of Silver and Gray


It’s no secret I’m obsessed with gray and anything that falls into the mirrored and acrylic categories. If you’re searching for a gift for a fellow gray fanatic, look no further. For starters, this velvet tufted pouf can work as a seating area in a closet or another room in the home. Know someone who has frequent out of town guests? This acrylic luggage rack with leather straps is as fashionable as it is functional! I also adore these acrylic wall shelves that can be suspended in a closet or elsewhere and used for everything from holding beauty products to displaying art to showcasing succulents. Need a unique, yet practical stocking stuffer? LA Closet Design’s purse hook works on the closet wall or underneath a shelf to keep handbags from hitting the floor. Chapter six -- “The French Manor Closet” -- shows how to hang multiple purses in the same space. They work for scarves, too!