It may feel like we’re in the heat of summer here in LA, but sweater weather is just around the corner! As we get ready to trade tank tops for turtlenecks, I thought I’d share a few tips to best store and preserve your most reliable cold-weather wardrobe staple.

I get asked a lot about hanging vs. folding sweaters and the answer is...it depends! Some fabrics like cashmere, wool, and angora can stretch when hung, so it’s best to fold any sweaters made from these materials if space permits. I also recommend sorting folded knits by weight. Always place the heavier items on the bottom and work up until the lightest knits are on the top. Another hack is to place lavender or eucalyptus sachets near sweaters to repel insects and keep the garments fresh (especially since sweaters should be washed or dry cleaned minimally). 


If you’re going to hang knits, it’s best to use sweater hangers. They curve at at the ends, ensuring sweaters drape naturally and you don’t end up with dimpled or creased shoulders. Alternatively, you can fold a sweater in half lengthwise and drape it over a wide bamboo hanger or open, non-slip pant hanger (bonus points for putting tissue between the sweater and the hanger!). 

Sometimes hanging, folding on a shelf, or even stashing in a drawer isn’t an option. When you’re dealing with more delicate pieces, consider a leather storage box or sweater bags. The Container Store offers a few good options, including these natural cotton/PEVA storage bags (superior to plastic) and these convenient drop-front sweater boxes


Now that you know some of my favorite sweater storage solutions, let’s explore a few of the season’s best knits. 

Leopard print knits are on the prowl this fall.  From classic black and brown combos to punchy pink variations to goes-with-everything gray options, feline is fall’s fiercest motif. 

Turtlenecks are in high demand this fall and that includes sweater styles. Whether chunky or tailored, neck-covering knits are a seasonal staple. Pro tip: When folding turtleneck sweaters be sure to tuck the collar into the fold to best preserve its shape. 

In this season’s sea of grungy and goth-inspired styles, the Fair Isle print, full of cheer and nostalgia, adds a feminine touch in a variety of colorways. 

If you’re looking for a more modern way to make the most of sweater season, check out some of my favorite fitted knit bodysuits! These are the perfect solution for creating a polished or professional look while keeping cozy.