Introducing the LA Move

A carry-on should be like a well-organized closet - functional, optimized for efficiency, and stylish!


As I’ve documented on CLOSETPHILE, I travel A LOT! It’s a mix of business and pleasure, but along the way I’ve become much more thoughtful about what I pack and how I pack. Which is one reason I developed LAMove a few years ago. I partnered with luggage designer and industry innovator Max Mirani to develop a luxurious carry-on that feels like a closet on wheels, as I like to say. When designing LAMove, I thought carefully about each element and what works for guys and gals on the go. Keeping in mind functionality, efficiency, and, of course, a sophisticated aesthetic, we created the ultimate mobile wardrobe that marries the elegance and efficient organization of wardrobe trunks with the portability and style demanded by today's travelers.

Designed just like one of LA Closet Design’s high-functioning and detailed home closets, LAMove ensures everything has its place. Here are a few of the fun features that set LAMove apart from other carry-ons:

  • Two separate sections help maximize space -- a garment portion for neatly hanging dresses, slacks and blouses, and a removable wardrobe section that can easily be zipped out and carried separately as a chic tote

  • Two magnetically-closed pockets for toiletries and undergarments

  • A designated shoe section that fits both heels and flats

  • A jewelry roll that can be easily detached and used as a clutch or stored in a hotel safe

  • A heat-resistant pocket for flat irons or curling irons

  • A patented cantilevered shelf to keep pants, sweaters and tops organized and accessible

  • A precise and sculptured hard-shell shape with a rich-touch, treated textile surface -- a significant innovation in luggage and exclusive to this signature collection  

  • Brushed gold hardware and leather trim

  • Dove grey, silky micro-suede interior with matching leather details


Be sure to follow along with my many travels here.


Seaside Chic


The Look: LBD, Céline sunglasses, Gucci snake bag, Dior flats



This is the perfect easy summer shoe to elevate any look!

The elastic back makes them very packable and keeps them in place for a long travel day on your feet.



Emirati Evening

The Look: open-back dress, Gucci shoe, Hermés Kelly


Hermés Kelly Bag

The ideal travel companion, the Kelly transitions effortlessly from utilitarian to uber-chic. Keep her with you on the journey to tote your travel accessories, then treat her to a night out when you reach your destination!



Printed Poolside

The Look: Valentino lace-up sandal, Gucci cross-body bag, floral printed skirt


Valentino Lace-Up Sandal

When weathering the desert heat, nothing keeps you light on your feet like a good sandal. These flats from Valentino not only transition well from morning to night (meaning fewer wardrobe changes and more time to see the sights!), but they also store totally flat! This way, they take up almost no space in your luggage.

Minimal headache, maximum impact!



Desert Downtown


The Look: Isabel Marant dress, Gucci snake bag, Prada flats


Gucci Lilith Snake Bag

Slim in stature and soft to the touch, this elegant shoulder bag takes up very little space in a suitcase, but requires proper care. A great statement accessory to complete any look, I always have it in tow, with the proper dustbag, of course.


To further protect the bag, and help retain its shape in transit, it's always a good idea to store smaller travel items (socks/toiletries, etc) inside!




The Look: Balmain dress, Céline frames, Chanel sandal, Chanel cross-body bag



Balmain Draped Dress

This cold-shoulder number in white is ideal for the desert climate, catching every breeze! The lightweight fabric breathes while protecting against the midday sun.


Lightweight garments like this are great for traveling, so as not to weigh down your luggage - the trick is a good pre-flight steaming and a travel garment bag!



Sit back, relax, and enjoy these carry-on cures for your next long-haul travel leg!


Who else dreads a long flight? It’s one thing to fly coast to coast, but crossing an ocean is another beast. This past weekend, I took to the skies for a 16-hour direct journey from Los Angeles to the United Arab Emirates, and I’m grateful to have some high-elevation essentials in my flight time survival kit. Here are a few of my favorite products that helped me look and feel my best at 35,000 feet.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Caudalie is one of my favorite skincare brands, so no surprise I love their Beauty Elixir. It’s great for combating a dull complexion and brightening skin, which is essential for a refresh after a long flight. Plus, the scent is heavenly!


Chanel Body Excellence Nourishing and Rejuvenating Hand Cream -  This Chanel hand cream is so worth the splurge. From its decadent velvety texture to its multi-tasking properties, this  revitalizing hand cream is no match for stale plane air.


Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrush - If you don’t love bringing your toothbrush in your carry-on, these clever disposable toothbrushes are super handy and great for a quick mouth cleanse. You don’t even need water!  


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy - We all know the plane air can be dreadfully drying, so I like to keep a powerful lip product within reach. This one keeps my lips feeling soft and smooth, and most importantly hydrated. It has a semi-matte, non-slip finish, so it’s great for layering under lipstick, too.


SK-II Facial Treatment Masks - I swear by these sheet masks! Sure, you may get some suspicious stares from your seatmates when you slap this on, but the mask does wonders to revive plane-plagued skin irritated by in-flight conditions. Wearing this for just a few minutes will ensure you have that vacation glow no matter what.


Slip Silk Eye Mask - Sleep is a natural way for the body to repair and  regenerate cells; but, getting shut-eye while high in the sky can be challenging. So, having a good blackout eye mask, like this one from Silk, is “eye-ssential.” I like that this one uses natural, pure mulberry silk and is designed to reduce friction against the skin.


The Elder Statesman Super Blanket Cashmere Scarf - There’s really nothing worse than being cold on a plane, which is why I’m enamored with this Elder Statesman blanket scarf.  Super soft, oversized and totally cozy, this versatile and luxurious piece just invites you to cocoon in your seat and find a good movie.  



Cuba's vibrant colors and culture can't be missed!

I’ve heard people say visiting Cuba is like stepping back in time, and it wasn’t until I experienced it firsthand on my recent trip that I fully understood this. From the aging art-deco architecture to the retro cars that we typically only see in movies, the island revealed one splendor after another and left me feeling so inspired.

What’s hard to put into words, and even to capture in photographs, is the depth of Cuba’s soul. Wandering the cobblestone streets of Havana is transportive -- the vintage cars lining a brightly colored streetscape of historic facades -- but talking to people and experiencing the richness of the country’s culture proved to be more eye-opening than its aesthetic vibrancy.

Some of my favorite memories from my visit include are our salsa dance lessons, followed by dancing with native Cubans (equal parts nerve wracking and fun!); meeting a Cuban entrepreneur, Julio Alvarez Torres, who runs his own tour company and is working to motivate other Cubans to pursue enterprising opportunities.

It was a trip I won’t soon forget, and I’m thrilled to share with you some of my snaps that can only begin to showcase the magic of Cuba!