Introducing the LA Move

A carry-on should be like a well-organized closet - functional, optimized for efficiency, and stylish!


As I’ve documented on CLOSETPHILE, I travel A LOT! It’s a mix of business and pleasure, but along the way I’ve become much more thoughtful about what I pack and how I pack. Which is one reason I developed LAMove a few years ago. I partnered with luggage designer and industry innovator Max Mirani to develop a luxurious carry-on that feels like a closet on wheels, as I like to say. When designing LAMove, I thought carefully about each element and what works for guys and gals on the go. Keeping in mind functionality, efficiency, and, of course, a sophisticated aesthetic, we created the ultimate mobile wardrobe that marries the elegance and efficient organization of wardrobe trunks with the portability and style demanded by today's travelers.

Designed just like one of LA Closet Design’s high-functioning and detailed home closets, LAMove ensures everything has its place. Here are a few of the fun features that set LAMove apart from other carry-ons:

  • Two separate sections help maximize space -- a garment portion for neatly hanging dresses, slacks and blouses, and a removable wardrobe section that can easily be zipped out and carried separately as a chic tote

  • Two magnetically-closed pockets for toiletries and undergarments

  • A designated shoe section that fits both heels and flats

  • A jewelry roll that can be easily detached and used as a clutch or stored in a hotel safe

  • A heat-resistant pocket for flat irons or curling irons

  • A patented cantilevered shelf to keep pants, sweaters and tops organized and accessible

  • A precise and sculptured hard-shell shape with a rich-touch, treated textile surface -- a significant innovation in luggage and exclusive to this signature collection  

  • Brushed gold hardware and leather trim

  • Dove grey, silky micro-suede interior with matching leather details


Be sure to follow along with my many travels here.