Corners in any room can be a tricky design challenge…

…but they can seem especially complicated in closets. So how do you maximize the space in your closet when you’re dealing with annoying angles?

Here are five of my favorite hacks for how to handle closet corners!

Carousels  -- If you want to use that awkward closet corner to store more hanging garments, then a carousel is a good way to go. The stylish spiral storage solution rotates 360 degrees and allows for hanging items all the way around, making it not only functional, but eye-catching, too! You can purchase one like this or have it custom created.


Lazy Susan -- We often think of lazy susans as a kitchen accessory, but they’re an excellent closet corner hack, too! Perfect for storing shoes or bags, a closet lazy susan operates in a similar fashion as a kitchen one where you can rotate it, revealing one side. In most cases a lazy susan needs to be custom built to fit the exact measurements of your space.


Rods -- If your closet hanging rods stop short of the corner, it’s possible to find specially made corner rods, like this one from Home Depot, which curves and attaches between two impression towers to fit in a corner space.  Another option for added hanging space using rods is to customize them to fit precisely. We’re big fans of the LED hanging rods! This additional hanging space helps ensure your pieces aren't crammed and have some extra breathing room.


Shelves -- If your closet corner is large enough, installing shelving might be the most efficient solution. Home Depot has plenty of options, but shelves can also be customized. Additional shelving can be used for holding folded garments like sweaters and jeans to housing shoes and handbags. They’re also great for showcasing framed photos, plants and memorabilia.


Three-Way Mirror --  Mirrors have many uses beyond just giving yourself a once over before heading out the door; they can add instant style to a space and also make a room appear bigger. And, a three-way mirror in the closet corner checks all the boxes! Now, all you have to do is decide what style you prefer -- classic art deco,  contemporary with LED lighting,  hip and industrial or sleek and modern. You can also create a 3-way effect using mirrored doors in the closet, providing additional hidden storage behind!