Ever wonder what the closets of your favorite influencers look like? I’m here to pull back the curtain to share a few projects I’ve worked on for some of the world’s top bloggers and show you a few of the elements that make them picture perfect! 


Influencer closets, much like celebrity closets, represent what many of us dream of when we imagine the ultimate dressing room (hashtag blessed). They far exceed the basics of a traditional closet -- think gold hanging rods, spacious staging and “unboxing” areas, store-like shoe displays, and vanities. While no two influencer closets are alike (we are talking about tastemakers with strong design aesthetics, after all), they are crafted with a mission to capture the influencer’s lifestyle, embody their brand and be functional in a way that allows them to do tutorials, reveal products they’re sent, pack for trips, and, ultimately, show followers their personal style. I’m finding with influencers focusing more on their closets, people from all walks of life are being inspired and really stepping up their closet game! 


Over the last few years I’ve worked with such influencers as: the Kardashians, Giuliana Rancic, Olivia Culpo, Brad Goreski, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, Jessi Malay, Tania Sarin, Monica Rose, Ali Fedotowsky, and Katie LaFrance of KT the Blondie. And, I have an upcoming project with Jules Sariñana of Sincerely Jules that I can’t wait to share! 

My closet is where the magic happens, it’s my studio, the place where I organize my inspiration and bring my creative ideas to life. It is my personal archive of new, old and vintage! Each piece is a reflection of where I’ve been and there’s a story behind everything! It holds more than just clothes - it’s a trip into my world.
— Jules Sariñana - Sincerely Jules

One of the most prolific trends in influencer closets is the use of a neutral palette with glam, high-gloss touches. Chriselle, Jessi, Olivia, and Giuliana are a few influencers who opted for this aesthetic, which offers a clean and chic backdrop that allows clothes and accessories to really pop! And, it not only looks good in person, it translates well on camera. 


Staging areas are another influencer must. Whether it’s a boutique-inspired changing room like what we created for Monica or a vignette to hang looks like Jessi’s mirrored staging space, influencers revel in having a place to play dress up -- no filter needed! 

As a lifestyle/fashion/beauty influencer, my closet is literally part of my office where I go to piece together looks to shoot and share — looks that will inspire. So in order to do that, my closet must be inspiring and intuitive so I can quickly create cohesive looks when on the go!
— Jessi Malay

Many influencers, particularly those with a popular beauty or grooming following, like the idea of having a vanity or easy access to their products. In Jessi’s closet, I added a vanity with acrylic drawers so she can see all her skincare and makeup essentials, and she can create beauty and fashion looks in a single dressing room. Brad’s closet is part of his bathroom, so rather than try to separate the spaces, I created a seamless transition that incorporates the bathroom’s storage space and mirrors, making it feel like one large lifestyle space to get ready.


Shoes and bags are the real showstoppers in many influencers’ wardrobes, so one of my goals is always to spotlight them and give them the attention they deserve! Monica, Olivia and Tania have enviable footwear and purse collections, and they wanted a way to properly display them, almost like artwork. To accomplish this, I designed builtin shelving, in some instances, at different heights in order to accommodate the varying bag and shoe heights. Now, they’re ready for their #shelfie! 


My closet is an integral part of my life. It’s not only part of my job but it’s also a place where I find inspiration and confidence. I start my day in my closet and end my day there!
— Chriselle Lim - The Chriselle Factor

Final touches -- whether feminine, statement-making or original -- are what make influencer closets especially Instagramable (and double-tap worthy!). In Ali’s baby closet, the gold and Lucite hang bars took the space from ordinary to extraordinary! Similarly, Tania’s gold hang bars, coupled with the modern black and gold light fixture are truly style statements. Meanwhile, Monica’s multifaceted 1800-square-foot industrial-meets-minimal space that serves as a closet, studio and office is a sight to be seen, in large part because of its jaw-dropping size.