With the Summer travel season upon us, I'm looking for ways to pack smarter! Warmer temps mean packing lighter, but you can still be prepared for any occasion if you're strategic about the items you bring along. I'm in Bailey Island, Maine for the holiday weekend, and my LA Move Mobile Closet is packed with some of my favorite summer staples!

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Staging with Separates

I start by staging a few of my favorite summer separates! When packing for a short trip, I always try to choose pieces I can wear multiple ways! With patterned separates, I can mix and play with different looks, without the fuss of an overstuffed bag.


Protect your Precious Cargo

Travel can be hard for your fashionable accessories, and it's important to take the extra steps to protect these pieces and avoid unnecessary wear! Stuff your handbags with smaller clothing items (socks, etc) to keep them from getting crushed in your carry-on -- this is also a clever way to maximize space in your suitcase. Don't forget the dust bags! Shoes, leather goods, and sunnies should all be protected before a long flight. There's nothing worse than arriving on vacation with a broken/scratched pair of sunnies!

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Packing like a Pro

The perfect bag can make packing a breeze! For short trips, nothing beats my LA Move! It does a lot of the work for me, making it easier to pack smaller accessories without fear of causing damage in transit, and keeps everything neatly organized for an easy arrival at my destination. I don't even have to unpack - simply hang up the bag and head for the beach!

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