We're in the midst of the Summer season, and the July 4th holiday is fast approaching! I'm already seeing stars (and stripes), and can't get enough of these playful patriotic patterns! Fashion houses have always adopted these prints, but for the past couple of summer seasons, the collections seem to really be embracing this trend. Whether it's with an understated striped tee (a summer classic), a trademark reimagined in patriotic colors (I'm looking at you Gucci!), or a boldly patterned shoe, you're sure to find something you love. 

As we all know, these patterns and colors inevitably bleed their way into our homes! Stars and stripes are bold choices for a wallpaper, flooring, or tile, but when paired with simple sophisticated furnishings, can become a favorite focal point for any room.


Never one to shy away from a statement, Gucci brings together all the elements in a single bomber (which alone carries an air of Americana). YSL also plays up the pattern with a classic sneaker embellished in gold, which is sure to have you walking on stars all Summer!


The stripe, while seemingly more classic and understated, can be equally bold! An exaggerated sole in high contrast black and white ensures you won't miss the trend. If you're looking to bring the bold color blocking into your home, an all-over paint job or classic couch upholstery are both confident and creative ways!


Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!