CLOSETPHILE Q+A: KKW Beauty with Jessi Malay

In case you missed it, LA's newest picture-friendly pop-up shop is the KKW Beauty space at Westfield Century City! I decided to follow up with one of my favorite clients and beauty experts, Jessi Malay, to pick her brain about what makes the perfect glam space. The conversation between clothing display and interior design is a big part of the inspiration behind our luxury closets, and I'm curious to hear what inspiration can be had from a boutique beauty space!



KKW Beauty. In 3 Words. Go.

1. Luxe (Everything from the packaging to the color palette...)

2. Inclusive (They make shades for all colors and races!)

3. Sexy (Between the perfume bottles of Kim’s nude body, and the see-through or nude casing, this is one sexy brand.)



As a beauty blogger, what are the essentials of a beauty space?

1. A true mirror is a must! 

2. Excellent lighting (points if you have lighting options to mimic day or night so you can prepare appropriately)...

3. Music! Being able to listen to music while getting ready can be so inspiring both in fashion and beauty. 

4. 2 Types of Storage Space: one for your go-to daily products you want to have on hand in a flash (the floating vanity you created with the glass top is ideal for this). And the second storage space for more special-occasion products that you won’t be using everyday, but will want to have for more variety. 

_MG_3394 copy.jpg


What’s your favorite feature of the new KKW Pop-Up?

The color scheme is just so signature and consistent with Kim and the whole KKW brand. Also, the oversized Mario palette and concealer tubes are a smart way to familiarize everyone stopping in with her products! 



How does the KKW space showcase the products?

All the products are displayed in clear acrylic trays, lit from within, to make each product feel like a piece of art. The entire installation is very gallery-inspired.



As a beauty blogger, why is it essential to have a beautiful and functional vanity space?

It’s essential to have a beautiful vanity space to feel inspired every day, and to remember that makeup is fun! To be able to play and create glam looks as a career is a blessing. 

A functional vanity is essential because with an ever-changing, endless amount of products to use and try, organization is key in order to create cohesive, innovative looks. 



What is your favorite KKW product and why? 💋💋💋

My favorite KKW products are the KKWxArgenis Creme Color Sticks! I love how you can create really bold, unapologetic, modern eye looks, and once the cremes are set, they won’t move all day. 👌🏼