You are what you wear!


Wow! It’s been great to see all the responses to our closet personality quiz. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, you may want to before jumping into this post - it's all about ways to inject your style personality into your closet!

Often our interior aesthetic is deeply connected to our personal style. What does it mean if your wardrobe is full of rich textiles like velvet and fur? Or, if you’re always drawn to precious materials like pearl or marble? I’ve highlighted a few of my current favorite style trends, and am breaking down what it means if they’re part of your personal style and how to integrate them into your closet.  




If your style seed is deeply rooted in floral aesthetics, chances are you have a girly and feminine sensibility. However, if you’re drawn to black and dark backgrounds with flower print foregrounds, you’re not afraid of a hint of unexpected drama.

Florals can find their way into your space through wallpapers, fabrics, or the old fashioned way - a delicate arrangement!



Fabulous, fierce and totally unapologetic, you embrace the finer things in life, especially when it comes to your style.  Whether you opt for new or vintage, real or faux, you definitely have a wild side.

Fur accents can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise tame interior, whether through pillows, an ottoman, or a fluffy rug.



If you’re a lace-lover, you likely embrace the romantic and delicate details. Lucky for you, it’s always in style and there are a million ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe (and home).

Try introducing a traditional window treatment, or if that's not quite your speed, the pattern can be incorporated and abstracted on a larger scale for a wall surface!



Leather can be naughty or nice! If you have lots of leather pieces in your wardrobe, you more than likely appreciate a modern, sleeker aesthetic with a bit of edginess.

Leather can add a tactile touch to even the smallest details in a space. You can turn up the luxe with a leather drawer pull, a wall panel, or an accent furniture piece.



The pinnacle of sophisticated textiles, if marble makes you merry, you’re attracted to chic, old-world European style. While marble is often associated with home decor, you’ve likely landed some pieces that feature a marble print, whether on workout pants or a handbag.

Although most commonly seen on the closet floor, I prefer to get the pattern up on the wall, so it can be truly appreciated! Accent pieces and floating shelves are also great ways to get a little carrara in the closet!


Metal Studs

Whether you’re an actual renegade or simply someone who enjoys a touch of edge in your wardrobe, metal studs are your way of adding dimension -- and rebellion -- to your style.

This trendy tactile element can also make its way into closet decor, through upholstered wall surfaces and nailhead ottomans!



Thanks to designers like Nicholas Kirkwood for modernizing and reinventing the way in which you can integrate pearls into your personal style. If you’re wearing pearls -- whether a timeless strand necklace or on a chic new shoe -- chances are you put your own spin on it, merging classic with cool.

Pearls, though precious, can find their place in the most functional of closets! Delicate drawer knobs or an ultra-luxe light fixture are both great places to incorporate a pearly accent.



What’s more iconic than a quilted Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap bag? Not much, which is why quilted and tufted accessories resonate with fashionistas who value enduring style.

If the added softness of a quilted surface appeals to your senses, there are endless ways to achieve this in your space! Quilting can quickly elevate any upholstered accent piece, wall panel, or closet backing.



This rich and luxurious fall/winter fabric is a designer dream and was pervasive on NYFW F/W ‘17 runways. If you’re someone who's constantly crushing on velvet pieces -- whether a kimono, dress, or shoes -- you aren’t afraid to indulge in opulence.

Velvet in a space means guaranteed glam! While it's perfect for a tufted ottoman or a simple stool, this fabric brings a luxurious sheen to an upholstered door, wall, or window treatment as well!