LACD x Jessi Malay - Progress Post

We wanted to give Jessi the ultimate glam room to showcase her personal style!



If you follow fashion and beauty blogger extraordinaire, Jessi Malay, you know she recently shared some major news. Well, yes, she’s having a baby(!); but, she’s also gearing up to reveal her new dressing room, designed by LA Closet Design.


Preliminary rendering of Jessi's space

Preliminary rendering of Jessi's space

I’ve so enjoyed working with Jessi and executing her vision for a stylish space that suits her needs. As one of the most notable bloggers in the biz, we wanted to give her the ultimate glam room that reflects her style and aligns with her aesthetic. That meant creating a chic and modern space, integrating a white foundation with pastel pops and silver accents. While we aimed to ensure the space seamlessly works with the rest of her home, we brought in some playful, girly touches like a seventies-inspired, patterned wallpaper, a dramatic chandelier and a furry stool.



Now, she will have a beautiful space to shoot videos and photos, stage looks and try out new beauty products. We can’t wait to share the full reveal with you soon! For more on the process of working with Jessi, and some of our design inspo, take a look at her recent blog post about the space!