Create the closet of your dreams with a few easy hacks!


So often when I go into a new closet, I see opportunities for small changes that will make a big impact. If you’re not ready for a full closet makeover, there are plenty of things you can do to streamline and stylize your closet. Here are a few of my favorite hacks to make the most of your wardrobe’s home.


Dig out your Dustbags

No purse pillows? No problem! Use purse and shoe dustbags to fill out your favorite fancy handbags and help them keep their shape.  



Switch to Slimline Hangers

Ditch your bulky and mismatched plastic hangers and replace them with sleek slimline hangers to maximize space. Not only will your items feel less cluttered, the closet will appear more polished with consistent hangers. Find some slimline hangers here.


Put Bottles in your Boots

I know it sounds silly, but this is a super helpful hack. Instead of recycling water bottles, I recommend using them as boot shapers to keep them standing up straight and maintain their form.


Invest in Inserts

Storing small items like jewelry and sunglasses isn’t the easiest, to say the least. So, I recommend using drawer inserts which allow you to sort smaller accessories and vanity items in an efficient way and provide maximum visibility.  


Bring in Bathroom Storage 

Believe it or not bathroom storage can work wonders in a closet. Try using door-mounted towel rods to hang scarves or accessories to regain wasted real estate and store items that would usually be more difficult. You can also use towel bars to efficiently and safely shelve heels.


Work the Wall

Increase storage capabilities by adding a slatwall to the inside face of a door or interior wall. The wall will create flexible storage options for items like belts, hats, and scarves.