As my brainchild business reaches a milestone birthday, I'm recapping 10 of my favorite moments from the past 10 years!



One of the major highlights from my closet journey was shooting and starring in 'Million Dollar Closets' for the Style Network! Check out all the episodes on my youtube channel and be on the lookout for more!



Every girl's dream, the largest closet I've ever designed was a 3-story boutique space for a private Bel Air client. Unpublished and never photographed, this project will forever be the ultimate Closetphile fantasy...



Nobody does over-the-top glam like Xtina. Working with her to create the ultimate VIP dressing room will forever be one of my most memorable moments. Wall to wall red soles and a dreamy costume collection, Christina's wardrobe was one of a kind!



Another VIP client, the first-class fashionista and former Black-Eyed-Peas front woman, Fergie epitomizes sultry glam. As if that's not enough, she and her husband Josh were two cool clients, and open to a creative conversation (every designer's dream)!



The closets are great, but the clients are what make my job memorable! This project grew from one glamorous dressing space to a fully-outfitted home, complete with a fabulous Ferrari display. I love to go back whenever I have a chance (and not just for the one-of-a-kind wine closet)!



You never know where a project will lead! Not only did I create a chic boutique dressing space for a modern businesswoman (and her dog) - I also gained a friend. I always remember this posh space and the doors it has opened on my closet journey!



When you're designing a closet for a world-renowned supermodel, the space has to be as 'fierce' as she is! Chic and sophisticated with colorful accents, Tyra's closet keeps her enviable shoe collection catwalk ready!



As a designer, I've become a bit of a packing pro! One of my all-time highlights is the holiday appearance I did with Joe Zee, offering tips and tricks for seasonal travel! He was such a fun host, and the TV time was the ideal platform to show off the LA Move!



Inspired by the spaces my clients look for, creating the LA Move with luxury luggage designer Max Mirani was an incredible opportunity to scale down my design strategies and offer them to a wider audience. This timeless collaboration not only strengthened my brand, but has also eased my travel woes!



An exciting new era in my business was the day we launched CLOSETPHILE! Breaking into the blogger space is presenting so many collaborative opportunities, and has provided a platform to share my musings and favorite moments as a designer. I am beyond excited to watch the blog grow as we propel into a new decade of dreamy dressing spaces!