Whitney Port


The Hills alum gets a playful, colorful closet to match her vibrant wardrobe and creative personality.  


When Whitney Port -- MTV alum and designer behind Whitney Eve -- shared her closet revamp vision, I knew it would be a fun project for LACD.  Her goal was to have a playful, colorful and bright space that occupied an open-concept room in her Venice, CA home.  We delivered, creating a charming space for her, mixing and matching various materials and furniture pieces, that embodies her personality, lifestyle, and style.



Whitney’s starting place for her closet was unique: she was inspired by the iconic Martinique banana leaf wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel and wanted something similar to cover her closet’s walls. We ended up with a similar, but more original wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper. It ultimately added the perfect pop of playfulness to Whitney’s closet.



With 10-foot-high ceilings and not a ton of width, we focused on maximizing every inch of height and ensuring all her items would be visible at first glance. We used a mix of hang rods, shelving and drawers to accommodate her dynamic wardrobe -- from gowns and jackets to shorts and blouses to socks and undergarments.

Tip: Hanging your bottoms in order of length keeps things looking sharp.


Whitney has a lot of shoes and needed a way to see all of them at once so she could grab a pair and hit the ground running. We counted and measured her more than 125 pairs of shoes so we could maximize the custom cabinet that would be the window to her soles. We then created multiple shelves -- one for flats, ankle boots and heels, and arranged each category in order of height and then by color to feature her footwear in the most logical way pos.  

Tip: While Whitney’s shoe shelf was custom, you can get a similar look with the Parsons Tower from West Elm.


In addition to abundant footwear, Whitney also has handbags...lots of handbags! We used the top shelves of her closet to line up her handbags, using vertical dividers to keep them upright. Dividers not only help bags maintain their shape and longevity, but also allow them to be displayed in the most organized way while still showing them off.  

Tip: If you can see your handbag at first glance, you’re more likely to mix up the ones you use rather than continually opting for the same one or few. For purse dividers like the ones used in Whitney’s closet, visit LA Closet Design or The October Company.



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