Your lingerie can be naughty, but how you care for it should be nothing but nice.


It’s what’s below the surface that counts, right? I’m talking about your lingerie, ladies! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are your bras, panties, corsets, bustiers and negligees ready for their romantic reveal?  

As the super sultry holiday approaches, now’s an ideal time to sort your lingerie and ensure your most personal pieces are in pristine condition. Just like caring for your bags, shoes and cashmere, keeping your delicate undergarments meticulously maintained is just as important.

Here are some tips and tricks to giving your lingerie love:



1. Edit and organize by category

Start by ditching the bra that’s missing a hook or has an underwire poking through, or that lace underwear that’s losing elastic. Then, sort items by type, fabric and sets to ensure you can find what you’re looking for easily.


2. Invest in lingerie hangers

Lingerie needs a little more TLC than other garments.
Splurge on lingerie-specific hangers, like this linen one from LA Closet Design that is soft yet sturdy enough for delicates or this one that saves space and features a pair of "C" notches perfect for hanging straps of all kinds.


3. Add drawer inserts to your dresser

If you don’t have room to hang your provocative pieces, use drawer inserts to help keep underpinning categorized and ensure they’re perfectly preserved. These linen ones from The Container Store work nicely.


4. Wash delicates delicately

When it comes to washing your delicates, I recommend taking the extra step to help extend the life of lingerie. Maintain the integrity of silk, spandex, nylon and blends while still refreshing items by using a mesh washing bag like this one from Laundress and delicate soap.


5. Sealed with a sachet

Keep your most secretive articles of clothing smelling fresh with luxurious lavender sachets. I like these and these from Elizabeth W. I also like these  traveling sachets that are both practical and feminine.