At the end of each month, I share my favorite finds, newest discoveries and latest obsessions from the past few weeks!


Here are my January picks:


Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez

I’ve always wanted to walk a block in JLo’s shoes and now I can! Launched this month, the superstar joined creative forces with luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to develop an exclusive, new capsule footwear and accessories collection. Check out my Instagram for a peek at the opening event I attended last week (yes, those are shoes signed by JLO!).

Eyeko London Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

Like many of you, and against better judgement, I don’t always feel like washing my face and eye makeup at night. I recently discovered these botanical blend eye makeup remover wipes that actually work -- smokey eye smudges and all -- and are ideal to use when I’m being lazy, in a hurry, or after a good sweat session.   

Basic/Outfitters Create-a-Drawer

I’m loving this service for the guys in my life. With Create-a-Drawer you can refill your entire basics drawer with up to 19 basics at a time, including socks, underwear, t-shirts and jogger sweatpants for $60. Now, your guy never has an excuse to wear old socks. Genius!

Skin Sleepwear

Who says sleepwear can’t be decadant? My newest obsession is this lightweight, ultra-luxe loungewear that feels incredible on and pretty much makes me not want to wear anything else. Ever.


If you’re like me, you have just a few (OK, many!) browser tabs open at one time. This new platform allows you to create parcels for various needs (ie. fashion, beauty, home, etc.) and add items you’re interested in to the respective parcel. Once it’s in your parcel, you can close that tab. Voila! The best part? You’ll be notified when an item in your parcel goes on sale or is low in stock.