5 Secrets to Shopping in Your Own Closet


1. Lighting

A few easy upgrades to the lighting in your space will help you find your favorite pieces and ensure your wardrobe looks its best. Display your favorite bags and accessories with a surface-mounted spot light, or illuminate all your hanging garments with LA Closet Design's chic and easy-to-install battery operated hanging rods. These will quickly elevate your closet experience so it becomes like your favorite boutique.


2. Custom Inserts

Having a place for everything means keeping it there. A custom drawer insert protects anything from jewelry to electronics, by keeping them from sliding around and getting lost when not in use. This is a great way to compartmentalize in a space with minimal closed storage... and who doesn't love a little touch of suede?


3. Organize Your Inventory

One zero-cost trick is to organize the chaos - clean out your closet and organize your wardrobe selectively. Find a method that works for your lifestyle. This could include separating pieces by color, season, or style - whatever works for you! Being organized will provide peace of mind and inspire you to create new looks from your existing collection.


4. Glass Display Drawers

Incorporating glass display cases within your space is another great way to show off your favorite items, and gives the closet a custom look. Rather than stuffing your prized accessories in typical drawers and cabinets, a glass display allows you to shop for scarves and sunglasses easily, while keeping everything organized and dust-free.


5. Keep Hangers Consistent

This is easily one of the most effective low-cost ways of bringing a luxury shopping experience home to your own closet. Regardless of the hanger, staying consistent throughout will visually streamline the space and allow you to curate your closet. Opting for a quality wood or velvet hanger will ensure your closet and clothes continue to look their best for many seasons to come - shop our collection here!