I get asked all the time about ways to replicate the look of a luxury boutique or designer closet for less. The truth is, a lot of what makes a boutique or high-end closet feel elevated are its thoughtful touches. While much of what goes into making luxury spaces so special is customization, there are some simple pieces you can integrate to get a similar look. No matter your budget, our LA Closet Design shop offers splurge-worthy and budget-conscious options to upgrade your space! 


Boot Trees

Boots can be one of the trickiest accessories to store since they take up space and have a very defined structure. Boot trees offer an effortless storage solution and help prevent cracking and creasing when not in use. All my clients have them! 


Shelf Dividers

One item you’ll almost always see in a luxury closet is diverders, as they’re an especially versatile organization tool. Whether separating purses or sweaters, the chic acrylic pieces provide an easy, elegant way to elevate shelf storage. 


Leather Boxes

A big differentiator between a basic closet and a sophisticated one is how items that aren’t currently being used are stored. While plastic and canvas designs work fine, a leather box -- like our color-block one -- holds your treasured belongings in a more stylish capacity. 


Lighted Rods

Ready for a bright idea? Invest in lighted hanging rods. This is an element you’ll often see in upscale stores and it really makes clothes pop!  Contact us about customized options.


Purse Hooks

There are many ways to store handbags, but one way your space can feel like a shop is with the addition of purse hooks. They keep bags out of the way, while simultaneously making it feel like they’re on display. 


Vanity Trays

Custom suede-lined drawers are one of my favorite design elements to give a closet that finishing touch. If you’re looking to add that custom touch without outfitting all your drawers, our suede and acrylic accessory trays come in various sizes, layouts and colors, making them ideal for sunglasses, jewelry, keys and just about anything! 


Watch Winders

Watch winders are an essential part of an exclusive closet. Though they’re a bit of an investment, they’re ideal for keeping unworn watches operational. This one is especially deluxe: the winder gently "swings" the watch every few minutes activating a servomotor and causing the watch to swing back and forth for several oscillations just as it would if it were being worn on the wrist.