As the busy travel season takes flight, I've got my head in the clouds thinking about all the clever packable and easily foldable finds that will streamline summer jetsetting. Unfortunately, some of our favorite wardrobe staples don’t travel well, like that wrinkles-in-two-seconds linen dress or that chic but bulky straw hat. But, don’t fret, I’m unpacking a few of my favorite hacks and ideal travel pieces to make your journey stylish and stress-free.

Luggage Storage Essentials:

The travel laundry bag -- Don’t leave home without a bag to store dirty laundry or wet clothes. Trust me. Plastic bags will do the trick, but for something a little more stylish (and environmentally-friendly), this set from West Elm packs easily and even has descriptions so everything stays organized while on the road.


The all-in-one makeup and jewelry organizer -- Discovering this clever invention from The Flat Lay Co. has been life-changing! A time and space saver, this flat makeup and jewelry storage piece rolls up into a nice, tight packable ball.  


The hat holder -- This little leather magnetic charm from TopTote may look unsuspecting, but it’s one of the most inventive packing pieces I’ve ever found. Adhere it to your travel tote or purse and the magnetic force grasps your hat so you don’t have to worry about holding or wearing it. Genius!


Clothing and Accessory Essentials:

The day-to-night dress -- This relaxed maxi dress from The Row is effortless travel dressing at its best! Breezy, yet tailored, this flowy frock can easily go from yachting in the Mediterranean to dining al fresco in the city.


The fancy foldable flat -- Travel shoes don’t have to be boring and these Badgley Mischka crystal foldable flats are proof! Whether wandering the cobblestone streets of Rome or road tripping across the US, these fancy and functional flats were made for journeying.


The hat that won’t lose its shape -- You won’t find me traveling without a head-topper or two, and my latest go-to is Janessa Leone’s packable straw hats. I especially love the Marcell -- it packs down and returns to its original shape like new.


The light-as-air sleepwear -- I’m obsessed with this washable silk sleepwear set from Lunya. A little sporty, a little sexy and super compact, this luxurious tank and shorts combo makes going to sleep while on vacay a little sweeter.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 10.31.32 AM.png

The packable puffer -- Many summer travel destinations don’t require a jacket, but for camping trips or locales with cooler climates, this Aritzia puffer is a no-brainer. It packs into a little bag, comes in tons of colors and won’t break the bank.


The sleek and stylish workout sneaker -- I never leave home without my workout wear. Even when I can’t make a Barry’s Bootcamp class, I’ll find a way to get my heart pumping. I love these Stella McCartney Adidas running shoes made of knit and neoprene. They’re super light and bend easily so can fit into the tiniest suitcase crevasses.


The trendy travel tote -- I’m always on the lookout for the ideal travel tote and I think I found it! Fendi’s Runway Collection Calf and Canvas Tote Bag is big enough to hold all my personal belongings like magazines, iPad, beauty products and more. I also love the idea of affixing the brand’s Tamburo Pocket Leather Charm so I can carry along an extra packable tote to bring home all the fun purchases from a trip!



Bonjour! I recently returned from a magical trip to Paris and am feeling très inspired, and had to share some of the highlights. I went to explore Maison Objet -- the premier lifestyle trade show that features incredible furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, tableware and more from around the world -- but as one does in the City of Lights, got to experience so much more.

IMG_0216 2.JPG


Let’s start with my adorable hotel, Fauchon l’Hôtel. Not only is this hotel super chic, it is covered in one of my favorite! From the closet to the custom credenza to the Dyson hair dryer, it was as if I had entered a Parisian pink fantasy land! I also love the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal because of its central location and impeccable 5-star concierge service. And, of course, Hôtel de Crillon for a quintessential Parisian bar experience.

One can’t go to Paris and not indulge...and I certainly got my fill of croissants and champagne this time around! Beyond the cuisine, though, the entire dining experience in French restaurants is truly memorable and special. 




I was blown away by Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée. It’s fine dining in the purest form where food is art and ingredients are perfectly fresh and flavorful. Plus the decor is to die! Another favorite is Pink Mama (are we noticing a color theme?!), a charming and bustling Italian eatery. The interiors are stunning and the food even better. I guess that’s why there was a line around the corner at lunch.

I can’t go to Paris and not dine at Monsieur Bleu. The meal is consistently good and the interiors are effortlessly modern, but it’s the direct Eiffel Tower views that make it incomparable. A real treat on this trip was Balagan. All the dishes are superb, but the “Crashed Snickers” dessert was unlike anything I’ve ever had. The Snickers is literally “crashed” tableside and satiates that sweet tooth! And, you can’t go to Paris and not be a tourist alongside locals at Café de Flore during the day and Hotel Costas at night. Both offer the best people-watching in Paris!



In addition to Maison Objet, I charged my creative batteries at Paris Deco Off, an event in which showrooms, exhibitions and pop-ups across the city showcase their newest collections. I especially enjoyed seeing the Adam Hunter x StudioArt leather collaboration, having lunch with Jonathan Browning at Les Climats hosted by Ligne Group, boating down the Seine with Holland & Sherry, and having a private luncheon and tour of the Paris flea market hosted by Jobi Blachy-Quintus and Roger Thomas.

When not working, I made the most of leisure time, strolling through the charming streets and soaking up the city. I took in some art at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, which had a Jean-Michel Basquiat exposition, checked out the new Chanel boutique at 31 Rue Cambon (one of everything, s'il vous plaît!), and connected with some of my fellow LA designers at the American Party in Paris at the College des Bernardins.






IMG_0193 2.JPG

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting and connecting with so many wonderful people. From beginning to end, I feel like Paris played the ultimate networking matchmaker. For starters, when my flight from San Francisco to Paris was delayed by a day, I met and had dinner with Deb Spofford of Made On 23rd, a super talented textile designer. When it came time for our flight, we were serendipitously seated next to one another! Tony Forte was on that flight, as well, and I found out he’s a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor in the Bay Area (and, we all know I love my Barry’s!). Interior designer extraordinaire Roux MacNeil and I were randomly seated next to each other at a dinner and realized we worked on the same project (at different times) in Cary, NC. I’ve known Thomas Lavin, a creative mastermind, for years, but we really bonded over veggies and rooftop decks at the Jonathan Browning luncheon. Dynamic Chicago designer Donna Mondi and I bumped into each other at the Adam Hunter presentation and discovered we share the same PR firm (guess our agency has great taste in clients!). And, I met one of the sweetest people, Maryna Gulevskaya, a hair and makeup artist who has an enviable Parisian flat that I’ll continue to draw inspiration from.


As the saying goes, “Paris is always a good idea,” and this trip proved that more than ever. Until next time...



So while LA is drowning in rain, I decided to make a quick getaway for some French festivities with designer friends! I’m heading to Paris for the Paris Deco Off 2019 as well as Maison & Objet!

You might be wondering if my organizational gene makes its way into my personal life - the answer is yes!! Packing for the trip, I’ve been inspired by the latest street style trends in my instagram feed, as well as the fully packed itinerary for the trip. See what looks are coming along for the ride in my suitcase below, and stay tuned for all the fashionable #ootd posts in Paris - one of my favorite cities in the world!

Shop my suitcase below:












The holiday travel season is upon us!

This means we’re all once again digging through our hall closets and garage storage to find our favorite carry-on bags… well, not all of us! Some of the most practical specialty closets I’ve been commissioned to design over the years are for stowing away luxury luggage! If you thought it was important to have a place to protect your shoes and handbags, you’ll understand why clients are starting to dedicate space for their suitcases. Traveling for the holidays can be stressful enough; the last thing you want to do when packing for a trip is spend precious time trying uncover a suitcase in a cluttered storage area. And, contrary to what you might think, finding functional ways to store them doesn’t have to require a ton of space. If you can get creative, and dedicate an area the appropriate size for your suitcases, it can make packing a breeze!

Here, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite ways to stow away your precious cargo in style, whether you have a whole room to dedicate, or you’re already using every square inch of space!:


What we often forget when trying to store luggage - these trunks and travel bags are MEANT to store things! Therefore, they don’t have to take up extra, unnecessary space. If your closet is already bursting at the seams, consider incorporating your luggage as decor in the space. If you have nice travel accessories, they can be used to keep seasonal items out of sight, and become the focal point of your closet (or any room in the house)!



Often, clients just aren’t making the best use of their existing space! They hesitate to store anything on the top shelf of their closets, for fear of not being able to reach. The same can be said for the space under your hanging clothing - you’re afraid if you store anything here, you’ll forget about it and it will be lost forever! These are both real concerns, but luggage is the exception! Take back that underutilized space by tucking your travel bags away, out of sight, but still within reach. Next time you’re packing, you’ll have everything you need right there in your closet.



Clients often forget that nothing about their closet is set in stone! It might require a few touch-ups, but adding/removing shelves and rods are simple solutions that can exponentially improve the functionality of the space. This is a room where you’re usually starting and ending every day, and it’s worth a little investment to make that experience run smoothly! If you’re storing large suitcases in a basement or separate area of the house, I would recommend a little reorganization, removing a couple of shelves, and designating a space in your closet or dressing room to keep them close!



This is definitely the way to go, if you have the space to allocate! Whether it’s converting a linen or hall closet, or designating an area of your dressing room, custom suitcase closets are the perfect way to stow your luggage in style! Designed to fit everything from totes to trolley bags, these spaces can incorporate custom lighting, hooks, staging areas, and a place to pack. No more trekking to the corners of your home every time you need to pack a bag!



As designers, inspiration can come in many forms! I often hear people say Fall is their favorite season, and we go out of our way here in SoCal to get a glimpse of the Fall colors before winter strikes. In the spirit of the changing seasons, I decided to break out a few fall colors of my own. Last week, while launching Closet Design Bible in New York, I had a chance to hit some of my favorite haunts, as well as check out a few new spots. The city is full of life and character, and what better way to pay homage to everyone’s favorite season than to draw inspiration from the vivid colors all around. And for anyone who thinks the city is nothing but gray, think again! See the full color story below:

WCS2 copy.jpg


Whether it’s a deep stain in a dream dressing room or a velvety soft shade on your new coat for the season, this rich red tone is just right.

brandy brown

brandy brown

bit of blue

bit of blue


This is one color that has no season! It goes by many names — sky blue in summer, ice blue in winter, but I’ll take more than just a Bit of Blue any time of year!

wcs copy.jpg


For anyone who thought pink had no place in the fall palette, stop and smell the Café Créme! Somewhere next to nude on the color spectrum, this shade brings Cali cool to the East Coast.

cafe creme

cafe creme

oyster gray

oyster gray


Possibly the perfect go-to grey, this humble hue can go uptown modern or downright rustic depending on the application.


Don’t let the end of Summer make you blue! But if it does, make sure it’s Deep Teal. This saturated shade just goes to show how cool colors can take a rightful year-round spot in the wardrobe.

deep teal

deep teal

WCS3 copy.jpg

twilight mauve

twilight mauve


This isn’t your grandmother’s mauve lipstick! The moody purple Pantone color combines the neutral appeal of grey with a lovely pale lavender that can’t go wrong.


No Fall palette would be complete without an earthy orange. Autumn Maple makes us remember why we fell in love with Fall in the first place!

autumn maple

autumn maple

lead crystal

lead crystal


Believe it or not, grey has temperatures, too. I’m rounding our the group with a cool grey complement that embodies timeless elegance. Take it home or wear it well, Lead Crystal is a gem of a color.