After a rough winter for many (including us Angelenos), summer can’t come soon enough! With sun-filled days on the horizon, it’s time to update a couple of my favorite warm weather wardrobe staples -- hats and bathing suits! Whether sporting a one-piece suit with a straw fedora or bikini with baseball cap, swimwear and hats make the perfect summer pair. But, with their unique shapes and fabrics, properly storing them can prove challenging. Luckily, I have some storage solutions for both in my arsenal.


For swimsuits, start by making sure they’re clean. I recommend washing then air drying them completely so they’re moisture-free. Any dampness can form mildew and also damage the delicate fabric. Then, lay the suits flat until they’re ready to store.  This helps to maintain their shape and also keeps bikini tops and bottoms organized. Lastly, place the folded swimwear on a shelf, in a lined, partitioned drawer using acrylic divers like these or hang on a body shape hanger like this to optimize closet space and extend lifespan.


When it's time to store suits for winter, put them in a fabric bag, not a plastic bag which can hold moisture and damage the suits.

Need some beach-ready bathing suit inspiration? These styles caught my eye this season:

I’ve always loved hats and it seems like there are several fashionable styles to choose from right now -- from bucket and baseball to fedora and floppy.  Even in summer, though, hats are one of the least worn accessories, meaning a thoughtful storage system is imperative.

The best way to store your favorite designer or sports team’s baseball cap is to fold it in half so the back tucks into the brim, and stack in a drawer or on a shelf.  

If you have extra wall space, hang your straw and floppy hats on hooks that aren’t too sharp or pointy. Hooks with a broad tip are best, as they help the hat keep its shape. Wall displays are not only functional; they can be a chic way to highlight your headwear, almost like an art installation!


Other storage options include hanging head-toppers on a hat rack like this or keeping them upside down in hat boxes like this and this (a proper hat box has a circular cut-out to stick the crown through so the hat is suspended in the box).

Just like clothes, hats are susceptible to moths (they especially love wool!), so I recommend using lavender or eucalyptus sachets like this and this to keep them away. Hats are also best kept in dark areas away from sun to ensure a long lifespan.


Here are a few head-turning hats to provide shade while helping your style shine this summer: