After my recent visit to the SIMPLY NYC conference, I decided to team up with them and put together some timely organization tips! With today being the first day of Spring, what better way to welcome the new season with a fresh and functional wardrobe?! 

Check out the tips below, and be sure to head over to the SIMPLY blog as well for more great content!


Whether you loathe or celebrate spring cleaning, there’s no denying now is the ideal time of year to reset and reorganize (and kick those winter blues to the curb). Just as spring represents a rebirth in nature, so too does it invite a regeneration in the home. And, decluttering your closet is a great place to start the spring cleaning process.



OK, deep breaths! Purging takes some patience but is oh-so-rewarding. Look at each item in your closet and ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year, if it fits, and if it’s still in style. If the answer to any of these is “no” it’s time to let it go.

Make three piles: one for selling (sites like Tradesy and The RealReal are great for designer duds), one for donating, and one for trash. Now start to visualize the new spring styles you can buy with all that extra closet space. My motto is purge the pieces you don’t love, and invest in maintaining the ones you do!



Decide on an organization system that works for you. Think about your process when you’re getting dressed: What do you think about first? Garment type? Occasion? Color? Arrange your closet in a way that is logical and reflects your lifestyle.

That may mean hanging your tops from lightest to darkest color, or sorting your dresses by category like casual, professional, and party. Whatever you decide, make sure the system fits your daily routine so you’re not wasting time looking for your favorite items.



Once you’ve purged and established an organizational system, decide how you want to display your pieces. Use the same hangers throughout your entire wardrobe (I love these rose gold ones for a chic space-saving and cohesive look) and use designated hangers for items like belts and scarves to maximize space. Another display tip is to use shelf dividers for smaller accessories like clutch bags to keep them from getting lost and damaged. Lastly, use accessory trays for daily essentials like keysclutchessunnies and watches.



Preservation, especially of pricy pieces, is so important. I suggest using clothing filers to keep folded items like tees neatly tucked away and easily accessible. As you pack away boots for the season, but sure to fill them to help them keep their shape. Boot trees are a great option if you have the space. For handbags, I recommend inserting purse pillows so they maintain their structure and to keep them sitting pretty on the shelf, or purse hooks to ensure large slouchy totes hang neatly.



Finally, give your space a mini-makeover by adding an accent like a new photo, decorative mirror or cute plant. A small seasonal change can have a big impact!