Remember Cher Horowitz’s revolutionary computer program that catalogued her wardrobe and generated her daily outfits? Twenty years ago that was the most inventive closet tech the world had known. Since the days of Clueless’ pleated plaid skirts making the rounds on her rotating closet carousal, technology has become an essential component in creating luxury custom closets. 

Today’s homeowners are super savvy — from their digital companions like Alexa to having one central switch that controls lights, sounds and more. So, naturally, closet design has evolved to include tech advancements, allowing the dressing room to be an even more seamless space. These are a few of my favorite closet tech innovations!


Air Purifier — Incorporating an air purifier into the closet isn’t only great for your health, it’s good for the health of your wardrobe. Dust and microorganisms can affect the look and longevity of your garments, so adding a state-of-the-art air purifier into the space will make you and your clothes breath easy. I like this one from Sharper Image that was specifically designed for the closet and hangs on a clothing rod. It “uses advanced plasma breeze technology to quietly remove lingering odors (smoke, mold, gym clothes, etc.) and sanitize the air with safe, natural ozone.” 

Automated Watch Winders — Those who don’t always have the time to wind their own watch or watches, can use automated watch winders. While they don’t work with all watches, if you have a compatible watch it helps keep the time is current and day and date function running smoothly when you’re not wearing it. We’ve installed these in a few men’s closets and they’re always a hit! 


Automated Lighting — I’ve been incorporating LED lighting into closets for years; but, today the advancements in lighting are truly illuminating. Automated lighting is especially popular — not only is it energy efficient; it also makes walking into your closet feel like a magical experience every single time! 


Biometric Locks — Clients who have pricey pieces like Hermès handbags and Cartier jewels rely on a system that keeps their valuables safe. While a standard safe will do the trick, today’s tech-inclined prefer biometric locks that ensure only they can access their big bucks belongs. Plus, it’s very James Bond!

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.57.30 AM.png

Closet Offices — A recent trend in closet design is transforming the designated space for a walk-in closet into a closet-office hybrid. With this new found pairing, closets naturally need to be equipped with everything you’d find in an office — from electric-powered standing desks to outlets for laptops to modern lighting. After all, who wants to take an afternoon nap when you can play dress up?  


In-Home Dry Cleaner — It was just a matter of time before dry cleaning solutions came into the closet. LG’s new Styler system is an innovative machine that removes odors and wrinkles without detergent or other harsh chemicals by using its TrueSteam technology, with just the touch of a button. No more wire hangers (and weekly trips to the dry cleaners)! 


Integrated Charging Drawers — One of my favorite simple tech closet enhancements is charging outlets built into cabinet drawers. Perfect for the person who doesn’t want to be too far from their phone or electronics while they’re getting ready in the morning or decompressing at night,  the addition of these is life-charging (er, changing!). 


Smart Home Capabilities — We’ve seen smart home technology become mainstream in recent years and it’s an easy closet upgrade. Centralize lighting and music, and getting access to news and weather from the flip of the switch or verbal command makes life easier and more efficient. Brilliant is no dummy and has designed the ultimate single-stop smart solution that can be installed anywhere you have a standard light switch.