Prepare for fall fashion with a closet purge!

In preparation for NYFW and the forthcoming fall fashion season I recently spent a weekend doing one of my favorite activities -- purging my closet to make room for all the new trends.  As I went through my clothes I thought about the questions I ask my clients when I help them clean out their closets: Have you worn it in the past year? Does it fit? Is it a trend piece that won’t be back in style anytime soon? And, ultimately I ended up with a big donation pile and some fresh closet space for fall finds.

If you’re feeling the desire to ditch some duds, a good place to start is getting rid of trendy items that are “out” and styles that aren’t current. If you’re wondering what trends are barely hanging by a thread, a few that come to mind are: skin tight denim or “jeggings,” fringe handbags, peacoats, holed tee shirts and peep-toe pumps. Though prints and patterns always have a place in fashion, I’ve found myself moving away from certain versions and towards cleaner modern looks, so purged several pattern pieces for that reason. Check out the photos for proof of my purge! For a full rundown of my purging tips, check out my closet purge with Maria Menounos!





Don’t forget, there are plenty of ways to keep your clothes out of landfills -- whether it’s donating to Dress for Success or Goodwill or selling on apps like TheRealReal and Tradesy.  Happy purging!