We’re heading straight into winter, and that sadly means darker days. So, here’s a bright idea: invest in some good closet lighting so you can really see your most prized possessions! While natural light is always ideal, when there’s less daylight, it’s necessary to supplement with alternatives. And, your closet is one area you definitely shouldn't settle for bad fluorescent lighting. So, here are a few options for illuminating your closet:

Recessed -- Recessed lights are nice options for the closet as they create ambient light, dispersing it throughout the space or directing it to highlight a specific item or section. The downside is that overhead lighting may not effectively illuminate every corner of the closet. So, it’s nice to integrate other lighting, like hanging rods, to maximize radiance.  Be sure to select a color temperature bulb between 3000K and 3500K to emit a crisp, white light.


Chandeliers and Pendants -- When it comes to dressing room lighting, function doesn’t require sacrificing fashion. Not only does a statement fixture like a chic chandelier or polished pendant over an island or ottoman emanate lots of light, it creates a glamorous focal point. The “Hallie” crystal chandelier (Lamps Plus) is the perfect example of a classic crystal chandelier that can elevate any closet, modern or traditional!

Sconces -- While many closets don’t typically have a ton of blank wall space, one way to take advantage of that area if yours does is to add a sconce. It provides additional lighting and adds a captivating design element. Sconces are also one of the more economical ways to enhance your space’s luminosity.





Concealed  -- One of the more clever ways to add light sources to your dressing room is through placing them in targeted locations that can amply spotlight a specific area. I love the idea of adding LED lighted hanging rods, uplighting, in-cabinets/drawers and mirrors with a backlit frame. These options tend to be practical, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, inexpensive and effective, yet subtle.