While many jet set or road trip for Memorial Day weekend, I’m dreaming up closets where I’d want to spend a long, leisurely three-day weekend. From playing dress up with designer duds to cozying up with a glass of chilled champagne to retreating with a binge-worthy show, closets can be a truly sacred space to relax, decompress and escape. So, here are few LA Closet Design projects and inspirational closets that offer all the creature comforts for an ultimate holiday weekend hideaway!   

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I recently shared some cool closet fridges for storing everything from beauty products to booze, and outside of beautiful bags and dazzling diamonds, it might be the best closet accessory out there. So, this weekend, pop some bubbly and toast your prized possessions!

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I love adding nice, plush seating to a dressing room. It makes the space feel like its own dwelling. A glam ottoman or chaise provides the perfect place to curl up with a good book, journal or simply take time to admire your wardrobe during that extra weekend day.

One of the most popular closet requests I get, especially from men, is to design a designated space for a TV. And, when you have the luxury of time (as one does with a holiday weekend), what better way to enjoy your personal escape than by tuning into a baseball game or binge watching “Game of Thrones?”

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If you have the luxury of space, you might find even more reason to spend the long weekend lost in your own fashionable fantasy! This closet we designed for a client in Minnesota, making up a dramatic 2-story space, leaves plenty of room to lock yourself away and play with all of your favorite things, without any reason to leave. Complete with a mini fridge and coffee station, this spacious retreat has all the makings for a comfortable weekend in.

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When a client’s closet is located in a part of the home that offers a striking view, I like to optimize the favorable positioning with a window or door facing the vista. So, with a few extra hours to relax during a long weekend, taking in a tranquil setting sounds pretty serene.

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Wellness has become such a significant part of the home and that has spilled over into the closet.  From chic vanities with spa-like amenities to stylish workout spaces,  closets are an ideal place to indulge in self-care without having to go anywhere.

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