“Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a calm space where they can just unwind.”

- Lisa Adams  

Lisa and LA Closet Design were featured on CBS today in a segment, “New Trend Has Men Turning Their Closets Into Mini Man Caves” Featuring Matt Rutler,  Christina Aguilera’s fiancé, Lisa talks about transforming Matt’s space and the mancave trend. You can view the segment here. The segment’s transcript is below.


More and more men are cleaning out their closets and turning them into a dream space. This new trend has designers transforming closets of all sizes into mini man caves. Matt Rutler shares a home with his fiancé, pop star Christina Aguilera. But one closet in the house is all his own. It’s where he keeps some of his most cherished memories. The clustered collection of magnets reminds him of his childhood home.

“I grew up in a house that was very cluttered, sorry mom,” Rutler said.

But even Matt’s so-called 'clutter' is part of a larger design that’s turned his closet into a sanctuary.



“Even if I’m coming in here for five minutes, I wanna feel like I’m home,” he said. “Like this is just my little man cave.”


Converting men’s bedroom closets into mini man caves is a growing trend, from large walk-ins to more common sizes. Some guys create cozy reading nooks, others simply make a space to hide away with prized possessions. Even the smallest spaces can be transformed.

Closet designer Lisa Adams with LA Closet Design says the biggest challenge in Matt’s closet was the room’s many angles. But she says no matter the closet’s shape, or what amenities her clients choose, men and women are typically after the same thing.

“Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a calm space where they can just unwind,” Adams said.

For Matt that space includes his favorite view. “I love looking out at these trees and there’s a little fountain out there you can hear the water,” Rutler said.  A small but manly space, all his own.