Drum roll, please...I couldn’t be more excited to reveal one of my most exciting projects to date: MY OWN closet and dressing room! It’s taken me two years to create the master closet and dressing room of my dreams.  Just like a wedding planner’s own wedding, there’s a certain amount of pressure that comes with executing for yourself what you’ve spent years doing for others. 


I approached the space with a strong design direction, but most importantly I wanted to ensure the end result felt like me, was a reflection of my personal taste and would be timeless. I drew inspiration from a number of places including past client projects, my favorite luxury boutiques and hotels, and, as crazy as it might sound, a Holly Hunt chair that I absolutely fell in love with and became central to the design! I also wanted to be the guinea pig for new ideas and design elements, while still embracing the history and heritage of a formal dressing room.


Outside of the beautiful chair, I started with the color of the space; I wanted it to be special and also work in harmony with my home’s decidedly neutral palette. In order to achieve the exact hue -- a very soft blush with champagne tones -- I partnered with Portola Paints to develop a custom color, “Closet Cashmere.” The feminine, classic shade is stunning and, in fact, now available for sale! 


In order to balance the feminine undertone of the paint color, I added some bold design elements like a geometric LED brass light fixture and retail-style hang rods, which collide to create interesting architectural and design moments that work in tandem. When the light fixture is lit, the light plays off the rods beautifully.  


I also wanted to play with texture and mixing materials in the closet and dressing room, and I’m so in love with the shimmery wallpaper I incorporated. Wallpaper is an easy and economical way to dress up a space and add dimension. In the master closet, I opted for Hermès wallpaper on the ceiling! Even though it’s a subtle touch, every time I look at my walls (or ceiling), I smile.   


A modern closet wouldn’t be exciting without a few clever hacks, right? I love incorporating mirror backs in my designs because it adds a transparent dimension that doesn’t feel “heavy” and makes the space feel bigger.  I used a bronze mirror behind my shoes to achieve this look that has been a reliable design staple for my clients. I also added boot trees to my boots to keep them standing vertical and looking organized. Rather than having a hamper be an eyesore and take up space, I created a hidden built-in hamper. And, I have a biometric locks (it’s very James Bond!). 


There’s so much I truly love about my feminine, edgy, modern dressing room, but my favorite part is my shoe wall!  It’s no secret that my philosophy is to see everything at first glance and when I can see every shoe, it allows me to have fun getting dressed in the morning and I can really style to the best of my inventory.   I also love that the space is a “dressing room”— an actual space where I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking emails, stage outfits for a trip, and plan my look for the day.  



For those interested in achieving a similar closet design aesthetic, I’m spilling where I procured some of the key pieces used in my dressing room, along with a few similar styles. Happy closet designing! 

Hardware -- I liked the idea of bringing in a modular, Mid-Century sensibility to balance out some of the more modern elements and these bronze Nest Studio Collection handles worked perfectly! 

Lighting -- I knew I wanted a statement light fixture that was contemporary and worked stylistically with the gold hang rods. This floating LED box fixture with gold frame I purchased from Info Lighting added the perfect touch! 

Rug -- Rugs can add so much effortless style to a space, even if you have carpet. I gravitated toward the Marca from Restoration Hardware because it was understated, yet pulled together the entire space. 

Seating -- My minimal and modern Holly Hunt chair was a splurge (and so worth it!), but there are definitely similarly chic styles available at a more approachable price point. I love drinking my morning coffee and planning my look for the day while sitting in it. 

Wall Mirror -- An obvious closet essential is a great mirror and I fell in love with this oversized one with an antique brass border from West Elm. It really bridges the timeless and modern aesthetic seamlessly. 


Keep scrolling for a behind the scenes look at the makeover and installation!