We're one week away, and the last-minute gift list is growing! Sometimes the best gifts in life aren’t the ones that cost a lot or come in a large box; they’re the ones that show you pay attention to someone’s interests and routines. We all know that person who loves a glass of wine or craves a good workout, so why not give them something you know they’ll appreciate? 

Here are a few practical ideas that won’t break the bank.


For the Co-Worker:

 Pop Socket

This year, I made the decision to lose the case and set my phone free! This little accessory has been a life-saver, giving the perfect grip for the naked phone, as well as functioning as a retractable stand and fidget-friendly toy. This is the perfect last-minute find for the busy professional who always has their phone in hand - or anyone for that matter!


For the Socialite:

LA Closet Design Purse Pillows

Going out in the evenings means you're constantly swapping accessories! Keep your investment bags in new condition forever by storing them properly. Using the appropriate purse pillow means your bags are kept wrinkle free and at the ready, so they always look their best for a night on the town! This is a great way to stuff any handbag or holiday stocking! ;)


For the Foodie:

Wine Stopper

Every true foodie knows the best part of a meal is the wine! This chic little stopper from World Market is just as indulgent as your favorite dish, without breaking the bank! 


For the Fitness Junkie:

Barry’s Bootcamp Classes

Believe it or not, you can pack a whole week of gym workouts into a single holiday stocking! If you know me, you know how much I love the ClassPass. It's a great gift to fuel any fitness junkie's passion, and you know it won't go unused!


For Your Bestie:

Joanna Vargas masks 

For your bestie, give the gift of a quiet night in! These little masks pack plenty of age-defying power, and bring the couples' spa treatment experience into your own home. What better way to show you care, than a thoughtful, relaxing way to spend time with your bestie?!