With Spring in full swing, it's time to start thinking about your Summer swimsuit bod! To get us all moving again, I decided to reach out to my close friend, and Barry's Bootcamp Trainer extraordinaire, Chris Tye-Walker!

He offered up some pro-tips for putting together your home workout routine, regardless of schedule or budget (no excuses!) as well as some insight into the ways he stays organized at home to streamline his workout routine.

See the full Q+A below!

Q: What are a few basic workout essentials everyone should have?

"The first thing you need is a good attitude."

"You don't need any special equipment to have a workout at home - a yoga mat, a great outfit. If you look good, you feel good! There are so many great full-body workouts online that you can stream, and you really don't need equipment to see results. Having a decent set of dumbbells is great, but a lack of proper gym equipment is no excuse to skip a workout!"

Q: What are some of the ways you stay active?

"I play tennis, run track, stairs, teach classes at Barry's. Fitness is my full-time job!"


Q: How do you stay motivated to work out regularly?

"It's very difficult, as a trainer, to stay motivated. After a full day of teaching classes, I don't want to go home and work out again, I want to hang out and eat cookies! Having a training partner who will keep you accountable is really key."

Q: What are you current favorite workout sneakers?

"Lululemon makes all my favorite gear. APL is a fantastic source for footwear! I'm also loving the Saucony ISO-series lightweight running shoes right now!"


Q: What's the best at-home full-body workout routine?

"You want to do a full-body hit circuit. Upper-body, lower-body, and abs.


Start with push-ups (30 seconds), move on to some squat jumps (30 seconds), and then into a basic plank (30 seconds). Repeat these exercises one right after the next - this will give each area of your body a 30-second recovery as you continue to workout at your maximum level!"

Q: How can you tailor your fitness routine to your lifestyle?

"Have a planned hour in the day that you’re going to  take time for yourself, go workout, and regroup. If you haven’t scheduled that time and blocked it out, something will always come up during the day."

Q: How does keeping your gear organized help you stay on track?

"Look good, feel good - your favorite outfits should be clean and ready to go the night before - everything has to be out and prepped ready to go, because getting up early and in a time crunch can be daunting. If all my gear is out and ready to go, the morning routine is that much easier!"

"Being organized also holds you accountable. If everything is ready, you have no excuse."

Q: How/Why did you start your Tread Series?

"Tread Series was created for the everyday athlete - for all the people who can’t afford the luxury of a personal trainer."

"With the Tread Series, everyone in the world has access to a precise, and well structured workout that is safe and effective. It's a half-hour workout, and lets you knock out 500 calories and get on with your day. Whether you're the busy professional or the single mom with 3 kids, this workout is designed for people who don’t have hours to spend in the gym."

Q: As a trainer, how do you keep Lisa motivated?

"Lisa is so good at showing up in the morning, and is really a self-starter in that way. But again, having someone to hold you accountable with little texts and reminders to get your butt out of bed never hurts!" 


Q: What does your dream closet look like?

"One designed by Lisa Adams, obviously!"

"Every T-shirt on a hanger, everything hanging color coordinated, whites-lights-darks..."

"Everything clean, organized, hanging, so I can see what I have..."

"A nice mirror, of course!"

"Simple, clean, and plenty of space for sneakers."



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