The Kardashians have redefined #closetgoals!


The Kardashian clan continues to grow their crew, which can only mean one thing...they’ll need more closets! We got a glimpse of Kylie’s new daughter’s closet in her video documenting her pregnancy journey and it looks like she already has quite the shoe collection.

We all know America’s “first family” loves the lavish life. So, it’s no surprise their coveted closets are a far cry from traditional walk-ins. Over the years we’ve seen them redefine custom closets and I’ve been fortunate enough to design several of them.


In the early days of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” I worked with interior designer extraordinaire, Jeff Andrews, to create Kris’ 300-square-foot dream closet. A self-proclaimed “perfectionist,” she was adamant everything had to have a place and be perfectly organized. In the end, she said it was “everything she dreamed of” and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. She has since moved homes and expanded her closets, even adding a Birkin-specific closet to her collection, equipped with a neon sign by artist Beau Dunn that reads 'Need Money for Birkin.'

In the same house, I also designed closets for Kendall and Kylie. It was my first project working with teenagers, and as teenagers do,  they wanted all the fabulous extras in their dressing rooms.  They’ve since upgraded to homes of their own, but I’m so glad I got to help them bring their vision to life at a critical time when they were launching their careers and just beginning to express interest in the world of fashion.


Most recently, I designed a 150-square-foot "workout closet" for Khloe. The fitness fanatic has upped her workout game in recent years and needed a designated space to keep her gear in top shape. The closet has plenty of hanging room for tops, tees, leggings and shorts, shelves for her extensive sneaker collection, dividers to organize her gym bags and sports bras, a display case for accessories, and even a mini-fridge stocked with Fiji water.

The connoisseurs of luxury and bespoke closets, there’s no question the Kardashians are ultimate #closetgoals.