Simple adjustments to small spaces can have a big impact!

I’ve worked with nearly every size closet, from just a few racks along the wall to a two-story behemoth, and no matter how big or small the space, I follow many of the same practices. But, this post focuses on simple and stylish solutions for small spaces. Whether you live in an urban locale with limited square footage or share a closet with your significant other, there are several ways you can maximize your compact closet. Just remember the five ‘s’-es of small space solutions.


See the Space

If you can’t see what's in your closet, you’re going to end up with more pieces strewn on the bed or draped over a chair than hanging up. So, if you have a deep closet where light often gets trapped or one with poor lighting in general, using battery-operated LED rods to illuminate hanging items is an effective way to brighten the overall space.



Separate with Pull-Outs

If you’re not already using pull-out shelves or drawers I highly recommend getting some. This helps your clothing sit upright, rather than stacked, so you can clearly see everything inside.



Set up a System

When you don't have the luxury of space, you have to be diligent about closet organization. Find a system that works for you -- whether that’s sorting pieces by color, category or occasion -- and stick to it. Finding items will require much less effort if you know generally where you should be looking.



Stack the Door

Adding hooks for hanging purses, scarves or jewelry, or mounting a few bars to create a shoe rack are optimal ways to take advantage of extra space on the back of a walk-in door.



Switch to Slimline Hangers

An effective way to create the feeling of more space is by replacing your bulky hangers with sleek slimline hangers. You’ll find you’re able to hang more items and the closet’s overall aesthetic will be more uniform.


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