Two little ones get big closet makeovers!

I recently completed five (yes, five!) closets in one home, each of which was infused with its own personality and aesthetic. You can read about all the closets on and Project Nursery; but, in today’s post, I’m specifically breaking down two of the closets -- one for a baby girl and the other a baby boy.


Ladies first...for Baby Bel’s closet, we derived design inspiration from her mom’s closet (hello, “mini-me”!) and let’s just say Bel received all the bells and whistles: pink lacquered cabinetry with back-painted pink glass sliding doors; a custom changing table with gold star cutouts; pull-out shelves for shoes; custom drawer inserts for her jewelry, hair accessories, socks, onesies and blankets; pink velvet hangers; and LED hanging rods. It’s safe to say this little lady is going to grow up to have impeccable taste. Smaller shoes mean there's room for a larger collection!


Bel’s baby brother also received a cool closet makeover. We opted for a classic masculine look: taupe gray wood cabinetry; blue velvet hangers; mirror backs; and pull-out drawers and shelves for clothing and accessories.


Often the master closets are the priority, so this project was really refreshing because the client wanted to ensure the kids’ closets were equally well designed with the same attention to detail.  Parents can argue it’s not worth the expense to invest in children’s closets, but I think their closets should still be beautifully designed and funtional so they have the ability to grow with them. We wonder how we turn into disorganized adults. Well, if kids don’t have specific places to put things back, then they won’t. If they cannot reach their hanging rod or don’t have an accessible hamper, then they can’t be expected to put their clothes away or pickup dirty items off the floor. It makes sense to teach young ones early on how to value organization. For more on this and how kids’ closets can grow with them, check out my recent post on the subject!