Ladies, how many of you live in a home with a man cave? I’m guessing many of you! It’s only fair that we get our own sacred space. For myself and many of my clients, that space comes in the form of a vanity or dressing room.



If there’s extra square footage when I’m designing a closet, I recommend a vanity where women can try on outfits, apply makeup and do their hair. Often an extension of the closet or just adjacent to a master bathroom, vanities are the perfect place for ladies to primp and feel extra girly. Some of my favorite feminine vanity touches include a mirrored table, metallic hardware and accents, and chandeliers.



When constructing the space, one of the first elements I think about is lighting. It’s so important to have appropriate brightness in a dressing room -- not too soft, but not so glaring that it’s distracting. In addition to ensuring the lighting is optimal, I add organization elements that streamline the “getting ready” process. So, I build drawers for beauty products like powder, lipstick, and eyeshadow, as well as skincare and haircare products. Plus, I integrate extra outlets to account for hot tools like hair dryers and curling irons. Just as with the closet, everything has its place.



I like to imagine my clients who have dressing rooms in their homes, having the best time with friends before a fun night out -- popping some champagne, enjoying music, and doing hair and makeup. Whether that’s actually what happens, I’m not sure. But, a good vanity is sure to elevate any woman's prep space and can be a stunning reflection of her personality and lifestyle.